Girls: How to improve eye contact in class?

There is this girl in my school I have a big crush on. We use to talk when meeting on the bus, which happens quite often. However, it seems as if the chemistry is there (gesture mirroring, etc.), so I wonder if she's into me, too.

We are both quite shy, which becomes obvious when in class: I often catch her looking at me, but none of us is able to maintain the contact, which leads into some kind of "oh, I'm just accidentally looking into your direction"-game, but we never talked about it. First I was confused whether this was just a product of my imagination, but a friend of mine confirmed that she kept watching me frequently.

Yesterday, we made eye contact for about 10 times in one single lesson, there's no way that 3 glances in a row within one minute can't be intended.

However, I can't help but I am not able to force me to not look instantly away when our eyes meet. We are bith just too shy :/ Can you give me any advice how to break the ice?


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  • cute man! I can tell you really like this girl...first things first...i think she definitely is into you...constant eye contact is usually the first my question is after knowing that she is into you...why would you wanna improve eye contact...get a move on and go talk to her dude!


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