Why don't I have a boyfriend yet?

I am 16 years old this year. Some of you might think I am still young and there wil still be many chances. I would like to date a guy for the first time.

Here is how I look like:

1) I have shoulder length dark brown hair and its wavy

2) my measurements are 36, 29, 34

3) I have brown eyes that are quite big

4) I have a great smile and eyes

5) I am a bit short cause I am 5 feet 2

6) I have a great voice

7) people don't believe me when I say I am single

8) I am fair. Even though I am an Asian but usually people that meet me will say that I look like an urasian.

9) I think that's all. So can you all comment and see what's wrong with me. Thanks.

10) oh 1 more thing, I am a confident person


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  • I think an anonymous picture with a few character traits would've been better to work with. As far as I can tell you're quite beautiful. Keep in mind that it's not only physical appearance that attracts guys, it's body language. Make sure you have good posture and that you seem open and friendly. Smile and people whom you want to approach you and look at them often. If all else fails, go talk to people. The more boys you meet, the higher chances of one of them asking you out.


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