I compare everyone I like now to him?

OK so at the beginning of the school year my friend was texting this boy, not like talking or anything just friends, but she said something about me and he was like what's her number. So my friend gave it to him and within like a day he texted me. Well if I didn't respond within 5 minutes he would resend the message and all of my friends were like he likes you! So of course I was happy and I was slowly starting to like him. And he was like what do you look like? And I said not right now because I still barely knew him, so after we started to get to know each other, he said by my personality I was super sweet, so I sent a picture (fully clothed, because I'm not that way). It was a pretty picture in my opinion. But then he just quite talking to me... And he texted my friend and she was like are you still talking to my friend and he was like honestly she not that pretty.. WTF! Of course like any girl I bawled my eyes out because I actually like him. actually I think I liked him more then I should of, but now I miss him even though its been awhile. But I compare everyone I like now to him ? WTH!?


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  • Find a better guy to crush on. You'll get over him quicker and realize he's not that great.


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