Looking back on flirting attempts and feeling embarrassed?

I was looking back on all of these old messages I had and reading through things I've said to girls. I feel like such a moron now lol. It was definitely when I was going through the "I've come into my own so I can get any girl now" stage. Reading all of these messages makes me feel kinda dumb but it's still funny. Do you guys have any funny ones to share? Even if you don't wanna share them you guys should still just look back at old messages or something.


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  • Yeah I occasionally look back on attempts from years ago and feel like an idiot. I used to text a lot and always ask how they were doing and follow up a bunch of times. Took me forever to realize what a turn off that is to the average girl. If you mean messages through this site, I don't really flirt with people here.

    • Nah not through this site lol, and I guess in person is better right?

    • Sure, but I find it's getting harder and harder to meet people in person, desirable eligible people anyway. All of this cell phone and Facebook BS is destroying everyone's social skills.

    • Very well said

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