Prom Dress (if interested)??

Would anyone be interested in purchasing a prom dress? Its black, medium sized, very long, strapless, and has rose waisted detail. I'm selling it for $120.00 and would really need the money.. If you're interested, I'll send you a picture and the price is negotiable.


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  • We would need to see a picture of it and you should take it to a local pawn shop, put it on craigslist, and ebay. That should help you get rid of it.

    • I really need the money for my family :) These were good ideas, but it costs money to put them up on craigslist and ebay... And there isn't any pawn shops that accept dresses in Atlantic City. But I will post a picture up just in case

    • Yeah that should help, and thank you for best answer [=

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  • ebay


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