How to be sexy and not cute?

I want to stop bein considered "cute" and become sexy and hot, so what advice can you offer? Beauty or personality wise

Only 1 person has really answered the rest of the answers have not helped


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  • Makeup especially the smokey eye look translates into sexy, the messy look or bedhead look is sexy, high heels, being skinny is sexy and showing lots of skin especially cleavage and legs/ass is sexy to them

    • Oh and biologically guys are attracted to girls with a ruler shape body so try to lose weight or make your body more ruler shaped because ruler shapes are healthier and skinny an represent fertility because they are proportional and can wear any clothes

    • Um... no. I can tell you, without a doubt, that biologically I'm attracted to an hourglass figure.

    • yeah hourglass figure is the best! and also showing skin is trashy! you can still be sexy by having the right attitude and confidence=)

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  • To be honest they're quite often said about the same people - it just all depends on showing that you're confident being you.

    So long as you know who you are, and know you look good, then people will think you're hot, sexy - and maybe sometimes cute.

    Of course it might not hurt to wear //slightly// tighter clothes :P

  • thats a good ?. the idea is to be both cute and sexy. that's the ultimate. you got the cute . so to add sexy. dress is part of it...keep it sexy but not slutty. personally I like jeans with a halter top and sandals or hi heels.

    the other thing is personality and attitude. sexy can sometimes be real serious for me and having a carefree attitude and laughing a good bit. but id say being carefree is very sexy in a woman. try not to be uptight about stuff-nonchalant if you will.

    • But cute sucks lol

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    • But I've never been known as a bitch and I do not like jerks or assholes

    • never said you were. don't know what to tell u. just live your life and b you and the right guy will come along. trying o bomething your not is not good. just be your cuteself. ask other female friends how to be sexy or google it. but as I said its ideal to be both cute and sexy and most girls don't have it. never be loud and cocky though, I like kinna shy quiet girls. loud girls who are very opinionated scare me.

  • Be more distant, flirtatious. Grab a lads attention with your character/appearance... then move away

    Come across as more independant, let lads think you can manage without them

    General convosation. Less about work and how cute your puppy is, more about the tasty underwear you've seen

    Don't complain about your life in the presence of a lad, it isn't his concern, leave that for the girls

    • I don't want to talk about my underwear, that isn't like me

    • :) hahaha, it was a figure of speech

  • I'd suggest going to a few clothing stores to try a few different looks out. Even if you don't buy anything, it might give you a few ideas as to what kind of look you're going for. The important part is that you feel sexy. If you feel sexy you're going to project yourself as sexy.

    Also, I'd ignore any temptation to slut it up. Trashy is not sexy.

    • but I know Manu guys who find trashy girls sexy

    • There are certain kinds of guy who are attracted to trash. I suppose it's up to you to decide whether or not these are the kinds of guys you wish to attract.

  • Flaunt it but don't act like a total slut.. Just know your a female and show it..

  • Dress to accentuate your sexual appeal! Show some cleavage. Wear clothes that are tight around your breasts and your butt so their shape shows through. Accessorize to draw the eye to your sexiest body parts.

    Alot depends on how you look? What are your best features? How do you dress them now?

  • less clothes and more skin be an option , what about a tattoo ?

    but a big part of this is self image and how you present yourself to the world

    • Tattoos are ugly and look bad when you're older so I don't want one

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  • Try drinking and smoking weed, guys always find girls who do those things really hot


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