My sister is making tshirts.. need help for catchy slogans?

So my sister is a freshman this year and will be a sophomore next year and is making tshirts! She is in the class of 2014 and needs lots of catchy slogans/sayings for homecoming/all-year shirts! Thankss!
Also ones meant JUST for girls! In addition to the ones for everyone! Thanks again!


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  • 2014... do it in digital numbers... Matrix-style... on the back, the HS logo or all the names of the graduating class

    • Theres over 500 kids in her class!

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    • well, come up with your own then

    • cranky much.

What Girls Said 1

  • well, 2012 didn't quite impress

    so god decided not to put us to rest

    he knew he wanted something more

    and low and behold, came the class of 1-4.

    • In the movie sherk, donkey tells sherk that he is a mean, green, fighting machine...

      Were the mean, green, fighting machine

      the class of 2014

      and then you could have a picture of shrek or something

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    • sorry last one. hot and dangerous

      the class of 14 I must confess

    • haha, thanks so much!

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