Why is this flabbyness considered attractive?

Flabby Boobs.

Flabby Butts.

Just plan Flab...

I see many guys looking at girls jiggly flabby untoned butts and thighs...saying omg she is so hot...why?

As for boobs I see girls with droopy flabby cleavage getting checked out...i tend to wonder...what is so appealing about this flabbyness!

I even see love handle girls wearing spandex tank tops that roll up...and some oven skinny girls wearing short shorts that show cellulite...Its discussting...Some may say its not my bussiness but if I notice this stuff around me...it bothers me. Why ...

Not Being Offensive to anyone...I know not everyone likes this but...i tend to see the oddness in my everyday life.
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  • First, this type of question makes it obvious that you are generally an angry, lonely person, and your other replies confirm that. People who are happy with themselves don't spend a lot of energy critiquing other people's flaws.

    To answer your question: different people like different things. Some guys LOVE big boobs, and don't care if they're flabby or droopy. Some guys love big butts, and don't care if they're not firm. Some guys like short girls, and don't care if they're overweight as long as they're short. Some guys like long hair, and don't care if the girl has love handles, as long as her hair is long. And some guys have low self-esteem, and don't bother with the "hot" girls, because he figures he'll never get one of those, so he gets used to looking at the ones that are a little out of shape or whatever.

    The point is: why care so much about what OTHER people like? Different people like different things, and have different tastes. Nothing wrong with that. Not every girl is born with supermodel genes. Guys know that; why don't you?

    • I know that. I like your answer to.

      And besides...yes I am fed up with peoples flabbyness because some tend to spread it everywhere...wanted or unwanted...i can't like certain things...why take this to heart..its an internet question...i want to see other opinions on this...I found people are just as judgmental on other qualities of people...like on personality...Just because I wrote a question on why people appreciate flab...some people decide to insult me for asking them thier reasons on it

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    • The problem wasn't your question as much as it was how you phrased it. Most will agree that folks who don't have the best bodies probably shouldn't dress and act like they do. But, HOW you asked your question said more about you than about the people you are targeting. It pushes other people away from you, and you probably know that.

      Which leads us to ask: why do you push everyone away?

    • I don't push people away unless they push me away...I just ranted in the question.

      ...maybe the way I wrote the question was "rude" and it might have offended some...but that's why I wrote my last sentence...

      And I wasn't really comparing anyone to anything...this was my opinion...i asked for yours...some got offended...but that is it.

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What Guys Said 8

  • You want to know the truth? Because they don't have a superficial bitch mentality like you do.

    • I am not superficial. I know Human beings aren't perfect and nor am I...but this question is why is this quality that "I FIND" nasty so appealing? Would appreciate women in thier 50's with cellulite and wrinkled skin prancing around in daisy dukes? ...for me that's a no...besides dressing slutty isn't even good when your not fit...imo.

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    • Excuse me Miss, I'm gonna go hang out with my flabby friends and have a good time :)

    • Why would you even worry enough about what other people find attractive.what is it to you that gets you to concern yourself about it? Let people be. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you can't see it that's fine. Everyones entitled to their own tastes and likes but what is annoying is how people focus too much on just one body type like its the only right way to look which my dear is why we have a lot of issues in todays world with low self esteem within our society in young girls.

  • More cushion for the pushing... and it's all good... who wantsta bang these ultra-skinny girls who look like they are walking coatracks... lotsa guys are just sheep... at the end of the day, it's personal preference... I could ask why is a sz 2 girl more prized and valued over a sz 16/18?

    • size 6 to 8 is healthy and toned...size 16/18...fat abd flabby

      10/12...normally thick but 4 to 0 skinny...

    • personal preference, question asker...

  • What do you mean? Like that nasty butt shaking dances? I hate that sh*t, it's disgusting. But I don't really care as long as they are healthy.

    • yeah the jigglys are nasty...

  • There are studies that show that the most important physical factor of a woman's sexual attractiveness is waist-to-hip ratio. So, quite simply, the flabbiness probably went unnoticed because the oglers were captivated by the hourglass. Is a buff hourglass better than a flabby hourglass with some cellulite? Yes, but the difference is rounding error compared to the difference between an hourglass and a rectangle or an hourglass and a sphere.

  • I love girl soft and squishy. It's such a turn on.

  • I guaruntee if I hit on you you bite my head off women like that might actually appreciate a man

    • I could careless about how anyone looks until given a reason too...people who expose thier "flab" ...i admire thier confidence...but exposing cellulite too much is not attractive...imo. And also I wouldn't bite anyone's ones head off unless they are rude towards me or hurt me feelings. I appreciate people who convey themselves in a way I find appropriate.

  • I love a fat girl who will show off her body

  • I agree with you. Its disgusting. They should At least make an effort to disguise the flab. And its usually black and Hispanic guys that like flab...


What Girls Said 1

  • curves are just hot to some people. I'm bisexual and I definitely see the appeal of it. P:

    • No, Curves are normal...and OK. I am talking about the Flab..love handles...the untoned areas that have too much cellulite...

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    • Yes I was talking about extremes..and people who "Completely" expose this in complete confidence...and flaunt as though its attractive... like I said the extremely bad cleavage shouldn't be seen in public...or the too short shorts...and you are right...not my ideal...but I guess its yours...thanks for explaining your reason.

    • no problem. lol I think people should dress however they want to. if you don't like it, you don't actually have to look, you know? that's the beauty of freedom. ciao love.

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