Should I be angry?

should I be pist because of my boyfriend checking out a girl with a very short dress (like you could see her arse hangin out)

even thou we were at a restrauant having dinning together, he pretty much looked at her all night,at first we were having dinner good chat, laughs, then once she stod up his eyes went straight over to her and out the door while she was walking.

isnt that abit inapproiate while having dinner and staring at her infront of me?

i don't mind him having looks while out in town or what not, but seriously sitting down at a restrauant having a nice dinner together and he perfers to look at a slut then to have a conversation, or am I'm just askin to much of him?


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  • no sweety that's normal for guys I see that alot.rude guys.

    when you go out for dinner,you need to look cute yourself.polish your nails,marron is sexy.

    and cute outfit you don't have to be over dressed,dress appropraite for the weather too.if its winter wear a little V neck sweater or V neck warm blouse,that would show a little of your nice boobies,darker skinny pants,or anything appropraite for the weather,a jean skirt on summer.a shoe that shows off your little polish tootsies matching ur finger color,doesnt have to be heels just a cute one.

    i believe that when you look sexy yourself,your boyfriend will have the same feeling when other guys check you out too,and insted of wondering their eyes they look at you insted.always wear make up on dinner dates,its better than being lousy boring.

    its not that bad if you stare at a sexy guy too after all your purpose is to get him away from doing the same thing over and over.

    i always make sure I look cute no matter what :) I'm with same typa guy you have,wanderer,guess what,if he stares at a cute girl?i let him stare 'til he wants,i know he's rude he's being bad.but whenever I get a chance of a cute guy,i stare at em,chances is he stare at me back. bfs don't like us to stare at other people,and being checked out by guys:) if are bfs don't like the taste of their own medecine? they don't take it again.

    dont cheat back when he cheats,thats a total different story.cheatings bad.


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  • You have the right rule: glancing good, staring bad. Stomp on his foot when he does it. He'll get the hint.

  • That very rude, I might be okay to take a glance but not stare all night. you guys should have a talk about the incident.


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  • Guys do like their slutty girls don't they? Yes it was inappropriate, but I wouldn't worry about it too much. Your boyfriend wasn't the only one checking out the slutty girl. She wanted attention and got it. Either you are secure with yourself or you are not, with that said remember this:

    There is always a blonde with bigger boobs, better hair and a shorter skirt who will be willing to put out. Work on your self-esteem first so that you are secure with yourself if you find that you are not. Only talk to your Boyfriend about it once you have determined your level of confidence with yourself. A man can not make you secure with yourself only you can. If he keeps doing it after you have discussed it, dump him because he doesn't care about your feelings. Make sure you are not being self conscious before discussing.

    Men are visual, sorry to say it but the slut will interrupt the conversation in most cases. It's the rare case that a man can ignore the whore. Usually that doesn't come with 18-24 year old men. Maturity is lacking, but he will grow into it if you let him know what's going on and IF HE CARES ABOUT YOU.

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