What does "beautiful" mean to you?

For me someone that is beautiful is a person that is naturally pretty/ handsome (by my standards) and has the type of personality that is where they actually see the world around them, smart, understanding, caring, basically a genuinely good person. I feel like beautiful is always confused with pretty which to me is just looking good on the outside, you can make yourself pretty by dressing up and putting on make up but you can't make yourself beautiful it's kind of something you earn, well I think that at least. So what id beautiful to you?


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  • Honestly - I hate make up, when most guys see a girl with make up they also see that the girl is obsessed with being pretty - just be beautiful by being yourself - people see your personality by how you take care of yourself like how you dress or your style, never overdo it. Some makeup is OK if you need it. A girls personality and looks is the most Beautiful thing, Being a good person, caring for others... Loving for even small creatures like animals. I find that girls that are very emotionally close to people are extremely beautiful. Love, romance... Girls that really show emotions like love, kindness, happiness, caring, are really beautiful. Being smart is another major factor that I find as beautiful, but being smart means that they are able to think very wisely and logically... a girl could go to university or college and gain massive knowledge, but it does not make a girl smarter... its how a girl thinks to make out the world around them.

    - that makes girls beautiful :3

    my heart is pounding just by thinking about beauty :}

  • I disagree with being pretty using makeup.

    I hear people say "Wow, you're so pretty!" when they put on makeup, but I really think they should say that from time to time in general.. as makeup ruins the eyes, and as a hungarian saying goes, "The eyes are the mirror of the soul". Essentially it ruins the entire radiance of the person. It's annoying. xD

    Anyways, the point is, pretty is someone objectively physically appealing, attractive is someone subjectively appealing. Beautiful in my opinion is only related to physical appearance, it's just someone physically appealing both subjectively and objectively.

    As for personality, I don't really have more of an expression for it apart from "I like them". :P


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