Would this be the perfect guy to marry?

This is no way me lol, but let's just say there is an imaginary guy who will be or is your husband. If he could offer you following things, would he be the perfect guy to marry and be your husband? If there is something to add, please feel free.

(1) absolute royalty

(2) tall and good looking

(3) diligent, persevere and dedicated

(4) physician in ADORE specialty (work 9-5 and make $250k+)

(5) high emphasis on education, so your children will receive the finest education in the world by attending one of boarding schools in New England (EX) Groton, Milton, Choate Rosemary, Philip schools

(6) Then they will receive Ivy League education

(7) once children grow up and go to boarding schools, you can have the career for sake. (no breadwinner pressure or stress)

(8) have a good sense of humor (but in order to make this possible, the girl should have interest in medicine since most of his humor would come from medicine)


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  • I'm not so sure I'd want to marry the guy you're describing. Being "absolute royalty" seems like a stumbling block for me - I don't want to marry into a conservative, traditional society where I have to fit into a role provided for me, I don't want to be famous or be followed by lots of people, I don't appreciate pomp and ceremony, et cetera.

    I like the idea of my kids being well-educated, but I don't want to force them into stodgy Ivy League/private boarding schools because it's the thing to do or whatever. I don't feel like I fit into that crowd, and if my kids felt the same way, then by all means I want them to have the opportunity to do what they feel is most appropriate.

    • The imaginary guys is a doctor, so he won't have the celebrity status where people follow him and. etc.. Though it is true that boarding school education is filled with WASPs, there are plenty of middle high class children. And the boarding school education is not as strict as Dead poet Society movie, cause they provide the most innovative and advanced education in the world. Once children go to Ivyies they can study whatever they want cause ivy prestige will get them jobs in any field.

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  • Not for me, but for someone I'm sure.

    (1) Not really that important and while it sounds nice in theory to be royalty I think I'd rather live without the stress of people watching your every move. Much better off going for a guy who can make you feel like a princess without all the cons.

    (2) Yes, not too tall though! Just a little bit taller than me (which isn't particularly hard, to be honest) and of course who doesn't want someone good looking?

    (3) Those are important qualities. But the perfect guy would also know when it's okay to sit back, relax, take it easy and have fun.

    (4) I'd want him to do something he enjoys. Preferably he'd earn a decent wage, have good hours and would have had a good education. A physician is a stressful job and not suited to everybody, if he was happy being a physician then I would be happy too, otherwise a different job would be better.

    (5) Firstly, I wouldn't want my children to go to a boarding school. And while I believe a formal education is vital what you learn outside of the classroom is just as important. I would probably want them too go to the best school in the area I live and would want a husband who would understand why.

    (6) That's the child(ren)s' choice, not the parent's. But I admit, it would be nice to be able to provide that if what the child wanted.

    (7) I didn't really get what you were trying to say here. Sorry.

    (8) Yes. I don't think I could marry a guy who couldn't make me laugh. Not sure about medical humour, I've heard good and bad medical based jokes. I think it depends more on the humour style than the topic (e.g. silly, sarcastic, witty, etc)


    The most important to me is that he would love me and I would love him. He would be kind, caring, understanding. He would know and understand me. He could be both serious and playful. He would have a good temperament but would be passionate for the things he loved. He would enjoy some of the same things as me, but not necessarily all, since it's healthy to have your own interests. He'd be a good father and a good person (kind, considerate, not a criminal, etc).

  • I wouldn't marry this guy ha ha I don't want a royal man! Or somebody that sends my kids to boarding school!

    My list:

    Tall and kinda burly

    easy smile and good sense of humor

    makes enough money to live comfortably on (money isn't everything!)

    Loves to come home from work and play with the kids

    Hard working and intelligent

  • I didn't like 1 or 7,

    i wouldn't want that personally that to ever happen.

    i agreed with 8 only because I know my job is going to be in medicine, if I wasn't into medicine then I wouldn't want to be with him at all , there could be nothing we could relate too

  • no because this will never happen and he is too perfect

  • can he make me laugh?

    • right. that's an important one.

    • lol, I don't plan on getting married.

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  • The men who women want to lock down belong to the penis that makes them shake.


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