French braids Yay Or Nay...

Yay or Nay,

Heres a couple links



I don't know how yet but I am looking to learn.

If you can tell me any tips on learning or anything about french braiding that would help alot.
Since all you guys say it depends on what you look like what " face shape " Round ?
Ok so I tried to french braid my hair and I epicly failed I'm sad now cause I really wanted to know how and blairs video doesn't really show how :(


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  • I agree with Voltaire. Some people it looks good on and some not. It's super convenient for summer though, and if you're growing bangs out it works good.

    To learn how go to youtube and type in "boho braid tutorial" you'll find a lot from there.

    or "lauren conrad braid"

    Here's another picture: link

    and here's a couple tutorials

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    • It all depends on the person. Not just your face shape. Also the size of the braid you make, where the braid starts and how tight it is. I'd suggest trying it out and if you like it, wear it. You can be the judge if it looks good or not.

    • I might just post a picture after I learn :P

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  • It looks good on some people, but it wouldn't suit others. Same goes for pretty much anything, really. Can't really give an answer without knowing what you look like.

  • hot as sh*t if you have the shape and face of it

  • meh


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