Have you ever dated somebody who you weren't attracted to as much and you just wanted them for company?

..or sex and so on and so forth?

I know I have!, who else has done this? I never loved that girl, but I liked her company, the attention and everything that comes with a girlfriend
Why is this in the sexuality section? just because I wrote the word sex? yet it has little to do with this section? SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX annoying.


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  • I've dated people I wasn't extremely attracted to physically, but that's because I really loved their personalities and persona. Looks just aren't that important to me. I eventually became attracted to them because I loved them so much as people.


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  • I'm dating a guy right now that I wasn't instantly or initially attracted to. I mean, I thought he was attractive, but it didn't hit he immediately when I saw him.

    Now? I find him irresistable! He is so great to me and such a good person I find him so damn sexy :)

    • but you were always attracted to them even if it was a little.

    • Kinda. I didn't feel any spark at all on our first three dates, but I saw that he was sweet and a nice guy so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and kept seeing him. The attraction grew as we got closer.

      I've dated much MUCH better looking. If he came up to me in a bar I wouldn't give him my number, let's say...

  • I had the opportunity, but I knew he'd fall hard for me and that wouldn't be right.


What Guys Said 1

  • I dated a girl that I wasn't really attracted to much. She had potential- she was pretty, but also quite fat and dressed goth. She was still pretty cool, though, so it was basically dating with knowledge that it wasn't going anywhere. We never got to fooling around or sexual things, though I know she wanted me to.


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