Big wide smile and eye contact from a shy girl?

Is this a good sign? Little by little she has been opening up and she will even start conversations with me now. A lot of times when I'm talking to her she will look into my eyes and have this big smile on her face. Other times she will smile and look away and yet other times she will try to be all cool and if I make her smile she will turn her head around so I don't see her smiling lol. She is OK talking to other people but with me she can be really quiet and I have never dealt with a girl this shy before, are these good signs?


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  • YES! they are definitely good signs!

    • do you like her?

    • I do like her. I have no problem talking to other girls but she is just too quiet sometimes and its kinda hard to tell whether she likes talking to me or not. She does seem to remember a lot of things I talk to her about and as shy as she is we seem to tease each other and argue playfully all the time, so I'm thinking that could also be a sign of interest since she only does it to me. She does seem awfully jumpy and nervous when we are just by ourselves and I don't know what to think about that.

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