How do I look more appealing?

I don't want to look I am trying too hard and I know this sounds bad but I want to make him want me back...if You are going to be negative don't bother commenting...just want some tips please and thank you =)
Thanks everyone!


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  • I think confidence is the key in all situations. Just look good, well turned out and wear clothes that go with your personality and that you're comfortable in. Don't look NOT like you because you'll be uncomfortable and you won't feel as confident either. Your personal style should reflect in whatever you wear because that's what sets you apart from the rest and he'll notice that for sure.

    P.S. Please don't make him want you back.. if he didn't realize what he had when you were with him, looking hotter now or dressing better won't change the fact that he left you to begin with.


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  • If you really are betweeen 18-24 id say lots of summer type dresses when its warm enough . And outfits that have those thick belts above the hips and a fitted (tighter) skirt. when at occasions always wear heels it makes your legs look way better. Go more natural hair color. not necessarily purely natural but somehting close and always make sure you get a style that suits your face. (invest in your hair its probably the most important thing on a women ) hope that helps a bit.

  • Do it the right way, improve your life. Really not trying to be rude to you, or any woman, but too many of you gals try and focus on your appearance "Getting through to a guy".. But what you aren't realizing is that that only makes us come to you - it doesn't make us want you for anything but sex.. Now look at the other perspective: You look great, you have taken a comedy class, you have a huge social circle that your constantly adding to, you just got a promo at work, etc.. He's GONNA look at his own life and go "wow I f***ed up.. I wish I was with her still".. That's him wanting you back, except you weren't manipulating him or anything.

    With how many times I've answered this question, I think I'll make an article about it to cover all the bases and keypoints.. If I do, I'll send you a link.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Well don't try anything and try finding yourself. You know dressing up and changing your style will get them to notice you but you will not get the results you were looking for.So if you want a new style and stuff do it for you and not to get the guys to notice, then you'll look like your trying hard because your not confident/comfortable in your new look. I've realized from past experiences when I wasn't looking and I just had this level of respect for myself to be able to talk to a guy without throwing myself at them so guys notice, then become curious, and want to be more then friends. However, sticking strong to that level of respect makes it seem like your playing hard to get when you say no or when you just want to know them more (I don't know why) and they keep coming around :P.

    I'm not saying its a game just the guys I've been around and my friends just love that part about me :D, so it could work for you as well.

    Sorry for the long story hahaha.


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