Am I reading the signs right?

Does eye contact, constant smiling and frequently looking at someone indicate interest, even if you Haven't approached each other yet?
Apparently a girl I know with out on one date with him, and she said he was sleazy. Is this just because he never went back on another date with her? Or could it be true. I think that if he really was as sleazy as she makes out, he would have tried something on before now? HELP
One last thing, I think I would rather find out for myself, as I do with most things, I don't tend to always beleive other peoples opinions of someone else.
Freind requested this guy on Facebook, he accepted but turns out he has a girlfriend, I guess he may well be just like my friend told me, but I found out for myself


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  • Two things indicate attraction:

    1. Eye contact, smiling and frequent looking

    2. Lack of eye contact, lack of smiling, fear, and very frequent looking.

    I'd say the first one is a good indicator.

    • Other people's opinions can be flawed or can be correct.

      The only thing certain is first hand experience.

    • I reckon I'm going to go for it, nothing to loose at this moment in time. Thanks

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  • could be, but honestly those are also things friends do

    • I don't know his name, and haven't spoken to him before, I just see him around a lot. But could it still just be friendly?

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