I don't know how to make him attracted again. Please tell me what to do?

there is that guy in my college class,i haven't notice till he gave a presentation after he was done he return to his place next to me,i told him that the presentation was good,i did not mean anything and I wasn't attracted by him,it was just friendly.the day after it was my turn to give a presentation and I did it perfectly and he was always answering all my question.even this I did not pay attention on anything.the day after he was staring at me,i catch him looking at me many times and I did not pay attention I said,maybe it was just a coincidence.after I catch him mayn other days looking at me but without any expression and when I catch him he turn his head or his eyes somewhere else.he kept this for a while and I did not care.then these days he doesn't care anymore and I don't know why ?i look at him to see if he is looking at me I hate the fact that ma turning to be the victim who look at him pff ,i don't know how to make him attracted again because honestly I find him now a handsome one what to doo?


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  • There are many possible reasons why he quit looking at you, or "lost interest".

    First possible reason: He probably wasn't interested in you in the first place.

    You made him feel good by complimenting him, and he decided to return the favor by paying attention to you.

    Second possible reason: He probably has a girlfriend. Maybe he thinks your cute and wanted to flirt a little, or maybe just enjoyed looking at you but never tried anything because he has already has a girlfriend.

    Third possible reason: He's probably really shy, or gay...

    Fourth possible reason: He's just not that into you

    If you really want him to notice you, you have to actually talk to him, and quit playing stare-tag. After class, or when you bump into him in the hallway, ask him a question, or a favor, or make a comment on something (ex. Nice shirt) etc. DON'T ask him out, or ask if he likes you, or ask for his number, or his hand in marriage... Just be cool, but flirty. If, after a couple of days/weeks, he still doesn't show any interest.. then move on =)

    • lol hhhhh I finally know that he was acting hard to get but I play the same and finally come and talk to me wow love this

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  • if you want him to look at you do this .. for first 2 days just keep looking at him and he must know you are starring him.. later stop starring at him for some days... if you see him accidentally turn your head other side.. later he will feel uncomfortable as you felt and starts looking at you hope it works

    • yeaah this is what I did I stopped looking at him and you know WHAAT!,i was alone in the cafeteria taking my breakfast and I noticed him coming to my direction then he searchs for chair and sit in my table,and we talked for 3 hours , we laughed it was so nice now things are going good

  • Yes, I do imagine the regular ego boost would be nice to have. Good for him to not give it to you.

  • So how can you make him the victim again and set things right? Hmmm a very serious problem indeed. You were probably wincing in pain as you wrote this question. But fear not, you'll get over it.


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  • Whoops, when you didn't pay any attention he gave up. Do you really like him? or did you actually like the attention? it can happen sometimes.

    If you really like him and you've only just realized then you need to now approach him, but I think you may have played a bit too hard to get.

    • actually I like the challenge lol who will win and came to talk and I win ofcours hhhhh

  • try having a friendly chat with him

  • give him attention, like secretly look at him and make sure he knows it. then stop looking at him for a few days and notice his reaction.

    • yeaah that's what I did and it wooorks, he talk to me finally

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