Quick poll... Everything you're wearing right now...

One for everyone I guess... Quick list of everything you're wearing right now from head to toe. The more detail the better :)

Girls: feel free to mention make up

If you're feeling brave include sizes :)

Most importantly - out of 10, how good do you think you look right now.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Here it goes...

    Jeans: 4A from Gap (and they're still slightly too long).

    Ballet Flats: 7

    Undies: Small, white with black polkadots

    Bra: 34B (:P), black

    Cami: Small, dark brown

    Tank top: aqua blue with beading around neckline, small

    Cardigan: light brown, top button un-done, X-Small

    Two Rings: both silver, one celtic design, the other just a weird knotted two strand one

    Hairbands: two brown on right wrist

    Earrings: gold diamond studs

    Makeup: mascara and some concealer (my skin was being suckish today)

    Hair: some type of spray (smells like coconut :)) to smooth my frizzies

    • Forgot to include rating... Probably about a 6 or 7.

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    • i think the point of this ? was to not go anon. am I wrong?

    • Too bad... Anonymity is my thing :P

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What Girls Said 8

  • hmmm, here goes: long curly hair (Taylor swift style but longer), mascara, light blush, transparent lipstick (I got pink lips:P), short white dress, black scarf, black beaded long necklace, silver earings, silver short necklace, black handband, black stilleto heels, with silver ancklet with charms on it.

    • were you just at a performance. I notice you said your wearing black and white. which is usually what I do for when I'm giving a performance. can be very hot in some ways

  • Normal T-shirt, underwear and purple socks, no make up on, hair still up in a pony tail. I'm going to bed in a couple of mins, I had a life shifting exam in literature this morning (in my country it's like this). I am tired, I give my self a 6. Nighty night people!

  • Im dressed very basic
    White. Button up shirt
    White bra
    Black leggings
    Black g string
    No shoe's or sock's lol

  • Blue underwear, black bra (30C), grey sweats, black and white striped spaghetti strap tank, my dads baggy jumper and thick black socks. It's pretty cold at the moment :(

    • Oh and for make-up I'm wearing mascara. Out of 10 I'd say around a 6 or 7.

  • shorts: from forever 21 size 2

    shoes: flats

    Tank top:white with some black designs on it.

    earrings: diamonds

    make up: cover up, mascara , blush

    Hair: down and straight.

    i would give myself a 5

  • Teal boyshort underwear, oversized flannel shirt, and a fleece blanket. Bedtime clothes, haha. I give myself an 8.

  • Fuzzy socks, dark grey

    Bra, white and grey from aerie. Is it gray or grey?

    Jean shorts, from American eagle

    Undies, white thong O: with a big pink heart on it, from Victorias secret

    A necklace that says "love", from American eagle

    A back hair band, tie, thing around my wrist.

    Black earrings, with stud things on them, from American eagle

    White tanktop, under a gray.. Gray? Crop top. It has a weird, colorful design on it.

    My hair is straight and down

    Makeup: foundation, powder, all that jazz. Barley peach, blush. Then light golden eyeshadow on my lid and brown on the outer and in my crease. Alittle black eyeliner on my tight line, and some mascara :D but my right eye makeup is a bit smeared because I just took a nap on that side(;

    Right now.. I probably look a 6 or 7

  • Nothing.


What Guys Said 8

  • Top down:


    Grey Nike t-shirt (Medium)

    Light Blue Jeans 34w/32l (too lazy to take my pants off to check the brand)


    Grey wool blend socks, short (not far above the ankle)

    Grey/Blue/White New Balance running shoes

    Seems like a lot of grey, but you can't see my socks.

    I feel like I always do, 5/10. Average.

    • Just realized I forgot to include boxers. o.O Color? Eh. Not like I remember. Black?

  • black frame eyewear from gucci

    navy blue army pilot jacket with hoodie fur from diesel

    white hoodie from converse john varvatos

    white tee shirt by diesel

    black sweat pants from zara

    white sneakers by Y-3

    white/red underwear from CK

    funny socks

    black leather side bag from ben sheman

    3/10 - its Monday, give me a break...

  • Heres mah swagg ha ha xD

    Black hoodie that spells (HOOLIGANS) vertical

    Grey flex undershirt

    Khaki cargo shorts

    black dc socks

    dark blue plaid boxers xD

    dogtag necklace

    andddd I'd rate myself uhh...probably 7.5:P

  • bright yellow long sleeve t-shirt, the hun's yellow pages

    black shorts with white stripes on the sides

    blue boxer-briefs


    6.5/10 I'd f*** me

  • T-shirt and boxers

    An 8, Think I'm lookin pretty good if I don't say so myself

  • glasses, navy hoodie, grey t-shirt, grey boxer briefs, jeans.

    none of which are branded enough for me to remember.

  • Mate, Australian Army cams :)

    no need for ratings.

    but at least a 9 :P

  • Why do people never include their own answers in their questions?

    • Fair comment lol... Though I didn't know anyone was interested in me :P

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