Trying to pick up girls while going through some changes?

Okay so recently I have been told by some of my friends that I could dress a lot better. Even been told by a couple girls, but it is like damn the whole time I thought I dressed decent. Now that I have my eye on this one girl in my class it is like how do I approach her knowing that I dress bad. It is like now I am going through I have decided to change a lot of stuff my dress and my whole mentality especially when it comes to girls, because I am tired of being that lonely dude that gets dates, but can't get a girlfriend and can't get laid. So it is like what chance do I even have now knowing that and my confidence already being at the ground with me not being able to pick up a girl or even to get laid.


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  • number one key.. CONFIDENCE! as long as you think you are the poo so will other people. jsut be yourself but be like I look good in the mirror as crazy as it sounds and believe it, because you are. everybody is in their own way, when she picks up on the confidence ask her out , don't be scared ever, confident people are never scared. she may so no but go to the next hottie ;)


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  • i was in your position in my early high school years and I know exactly how you feel. lets just say I wasn't a desirable person and I knew I wasn't but did nothing about it. After a couple years I decided to make some changes in my life. I got a clean hair cut, changed my style from plain to flashy, and started to do weight lifting. This jump started my confidence and I liked who I was turning into. Girls started to actually notice me and I started making friends with people I never could've imagined being friends with. I wasn't walking around with my head down but rather held high and confident. I never thought I was a good looking person but after making this transformation girls began telling me otherwise and I believed it and displayed it.

    My point in telling you all of this is that it is possible to do cause I did it. Its not easy, nor is it quick. But its worth it. Confidence is key to overcome being self-conscious. Do something to build up some confidence and display that confidence for everyone to see and you'll come to realize that you're a lot better than you think you are. Hope this can help


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