GUYS!!! I wanna know why you go for boring unattractive girls?

Its true, there's like a bunch of okay- kinda cute girls at my school guys are all over them and can't wait to bug em, play around with them and they'll just set there all boring like,...and their not cute or pretty just okay looking so what's with? are they easy? not a fear of rejection? what? then guys are mean jerks to the pretty girls? you guys are a bunch of f**s anymore

I understand what you guys are seying but quit jumping the gun thinking I'm the big ol' bitch cause me and me friend were on here and we decided to ask this question I'll upload a picture for ya'll I'm not pretty or anything. I did'nt call you guys personally any names cause I don't know any of you. And Yeah its true because I end up falling for the guys that are 6-7 they become more and more attractive to me because its their personality their who they are and nice, not fakey and interesting :)


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  • Obviously the guys you're talking about see qualities they find attractive in these girls that you're not seeing.

    Not knowing the specifics about the people you're referring to, I can tell you that I will always go for the girl some people might consider "a 7, a 6 or a 5" that I have chemistry with and who is genuine, guileless, warm, open, intelligent, funny, etc, over a "9" or "10" who is narcissistic, shallow, materialistic, fickle and high-maintenance.

    Of course, all factors being held equal, I would likely be more attracted to the more classically beautiful girl. But generally speaking, you rarely find a situation where all factors are equal.


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  • I'm sure there's a nice douche bag waiting out there for you.

  • Yeah, they probably don't like being called f**s for not chasing after you.

    • Right!

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    • If you don't think you're that pretty then why would you complain about guys going for the not so pretty girls? Wouldn't that work to your advantage? lol

    • lol I'm not complaining me and my friend ashleigh was on here and she said lets upload that question I said sure.

  • Well there's no use in playing with plutonium is there.

  • Jealous you're more boring than them, aren't you?

    • Wow, okay I'm not that pretty I'm not even referring to me just because this is online dos'nt mean you can judge people same for the other guys on here

  • Your jealousy is showing. My favorite part is where you complain about guys being mean jerks...and then immediately call them f**s. Comedic gold.

    So here's my two bits: most guys don't like bitches, and you're a bitch. Might want to work on that.

    • I don't know you that well, that's why I'm not calling you a name personally, but you don't know me so just cause your'e online and we'll never meet dos'nt mean you can judge me, cause I was'nt referring to me, I just don't understand so hop off

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  • Guys go for girls who are okay looking because they're usually not bitches, unlike a lot of "pretty" girls. And you might consider a girl boring because she's laid back instead of a motor mouth, or likes video games and heavy metal shows instead of shopping and gossiping like most girls. But to a guy, a girl like that is a treasure. Most guys and girls don't think the same way. It's just from your perspective that these girls aren't so great, but to most guys they're amazing.

  • Wrong. The unattractive girls are usually more fun than the pretty girls. (unfortunately)


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