What Do Men Hate Most?

Sooooo, just wanna know. What do men hate about women? Like personality wise, or physically, anything! Tell me, so I can get it from another point of view :)


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  • Personality=

    Bullsh*tters... Girls that don't say what they mean or mean what they say, are indirect and likes to play games.

    Pet names... If you can not refer to me by my given name, expect for me to not respond.

    Low self esteerm.

    Arrogance/narcissism/vanity/materialism/"High maintanence"... (All of this bullsh*t is the same thing)



    Unfit... If you are out of breath after jogging a half mile, You are unfit.

    Large breasts... If they are bigger than a B or C, it is excessive.

    Large buttocks... It's fat, get rid of it.

    Prosthetics... Hair extentions, press on nails, fake eyelashes, and the like are repugnant to me. The only prosthetics that are acceptable are if you need a prosthetic limb or something.

    My appology for sounding brutal, but that is as I am.

    • Lawls, I'm unfit, but everything else doesn't apply to me.. Sooo damn, what DO you look for?

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    • Hey you can't help your breast size :( and besides a 30 dd is the same as a 36 b

    • Ahem, that is why if it is excessive, I have no physical attraction. I prefer petite body frames on women. If larger than say a size 7, I am not really interested. I am a little on the small size myself being 5'5" and only 165lbs. So, Large breasts are unattractive to me... No offense intended toward anyone, just my preference.

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  • I hate women who deny their freaky nature. I mean, in evolution and mother nature's eyes, women are meant to make babies as much as they can, and for men, have sex as many as they can, because back then most children didn't live to get the point where they start speaking.

    That being said, I know this girl who dress like a classy prostitute. High heeled leather boots, tight dress, booty shorts and she said "I want a nice guy", aw come on now. That is like a shark saying I don't bite.

    • WTCupcake?

      How is that deenying her freaky nature? She could just want to get freaky with a nice guy. Or she could just like dressing sexy.

    • Heyy, he's entitled to his opinion

      She probably dresses that way to feel sexy anyways

  • attention-whoring behavior, women who think that women are better than men or that modern feminism has anything to do with equality, and using sex as a weapon (holding it over us, withholding it as a form of punishment, making a guy wait... etc)

    • Making a guy wait?

      So women shouldn't have control of when they want to have sex?

      I can understand witholding as a punishment but making a guy wait?

      And how can you hold sex over? Do you mean teasing? Guys/girls tease. Are you against guys teasing too?

      Sex as a weapon? Are you also against guys who view sex as a game?

    • I think guys who view sex as a game because young women tend to use sex as a weapon.

      And in reference to making a guy wait, I was referring to the types of girls who refuse sex until a guy's done or taken her on dates or spent dollars on her

  • I don't think generalizing will get anyone anywhere, however I meet a lot of women from more priveleged (lucky) walks of life that feel they are too good for most people. Their male counterparts are at least more direct about dealing with "lesser" people.

    In the end, we're all just people. When people don't give each other due respect, I get pretty pissed off, so that's what gets me.

  • Oh, there are so many things!

    The first I can think of is, how some girls are so full of themselves and end up acting all bitchy. I also dislike the fact that some girls won't take no for an answer or won't admit they did wrong when it's pretty obvious she did.

  • probably an arrogant aura women get when they think their sh*t don't stink, that they are not going to grow old and die like everyone else and all the attitude that spawns from that

  • Physically?, I honestly hate nothing about a female physically, if you know what I mean, they call them fat, I call them voluptuousness :D.

    would be : not being direct and the fact that most, not all ( before I get chewed up and spit out by females here) but some over react. In terms of the over emotional thing I think I can understand but when females over think sh*t too much it turns into a wholenother thing that the guy wasn't even expecting and from there miss communication happens which ends up kicking back to the female not being direct and sh*t goes down... shoop da woop.

  • The incessant talking. Goddamn, learn to enjoy the silence, sheesh.

  • not honest



    doesn't mean what she says



    gold digger

    full of themselves

    big ego (thinks she is the ****)

  • insecurity, liars, people who lie to themselves, too much make up.

  • nagging

  • when girls are full of themselves

  • Nagging no doubt


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