What do girls look for in a guy?

what do girls look for in a guy?

what do girls want from a guy?


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  • Of course this is a completely personal question,

    one that will get many answers.

    But personally,

    I look for a guy that is intelligent, supportive and honest (to a point.)

    A guy that I know will be there for me and allow me to be there for them.

    A guy that has the capacity to be incredibly sexual but also mentally open is always good.

    Also, a guy that I can have fun with and makes me laugh (as well as I can make laugh) is a big plus.

    Oh, and one that will include me in most aspects of his life is a major bonus. (I don't need to know or be part of everything, but the majority would be be awesome.)

    I think most people want security and passion out of any relationship.

    So, those are probably good qualities as well.


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  • Well personally in a guy I look for personality and confidence along with other things. Such as intelligence and kindness. I don't think I could be with someone who enjoys being cruel to others.

  • This is a pretty much just a large collection of things not meaning I'm expecting to find a guy who is perfect and can have all of these apply to him. Outgoing perferred, friendly, protective but not over protective, looks don't matter to me, knows what they want in life, honest, loyal, supportive, has sense of humor, respectful, etc.


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