Can a feminine manored guy be straight?

- wears girl jeans


- doesn't eat much

- momma boy

-likes cleaning

-calls his underwear undies

-takes baths

-likes to pretend he's a kid


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  • If your definition of feminine is "takes bathes," then duh, hopefully most guys are feminine.

    But since that's not the real definition of feminine... I'd say no, if using a normal understanding of feminine, guys don't normally act that way if they're straight.

    I'm a mommas boy and take bathes, that doesn't mean I'm feminine.

    • Is it a bubble bath with a rubber duckie floating atop?

    • Yeah, and I usually light some candles for ambiance.

      Heh. No I don't really do that, and it's not a bubble bath.

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What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah. Some people like to call this type of guy a "metrosexual".


What Girls Said 2

  • My old dance teacher was so flamboyant but the poor thing was straight. I feel sympathy for him because at least if he was gay it'd be easy for him to get a partner.
    My idea of "acting feminine" IS:
    - receiving good news and jumping up and down clapping your hands
    - gossiping lol he was so funny!
    - being able to move his hips better than most of the girls in class

    mommas boy, hygiene and wearing tight pants does not feminine make.

  • Punk kids wear girls jeans because they tend to be a tighter fit. I think anyone takes baths. Finally, every boy my sister has ever dated was a momma's boy, and none was gay. So by the criteria above, this dude in question is likely straight.


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