How to get her to cover her toes up?

Ok, I have this wonderful girlfriend. I love that we are together, and I've had a few other superficial issues that I've worked on. I'm not normally self conscious, but I'm around a lot of different people in my life, so I do concern myself with how I carry myself.

With that said, how do I get my girlfriend to stop wearing sandals. I love her, and have even given up all hopes of a foot fetish in order to be with her, but she should keep those puppies covered!

Sadly, they are not cute, and I don't want other girls talking about her (we're around a lot of them). She has gotten into great shape recently, and before she would always keep them covered, now she is breaking out the open toe shoes.

She still tries to angle them so people don't directly look at them (I notice that often) but still insist on wearing them.

I don't want to make her anymore self conscious, but I can't go on like this...what do I say without being hurtful?
Ok, Ok...I was tripping, plain and simple.

This women is the greatest thing to come into my life apart from God. I refuse to be to source of any hurt or pain, inflict a blow to her confidence, or chip away at her greatness.

I know with me, if I don't vent the little things, they quickly become the big things. So thank you GAG, and all that gave answers!

I'm going to let it go, grow up, and love her for all that she is. period


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  • It's getting hot outside.. we like to wear sandals. Maybe I'm weird, but I don't go around looking at other people's feet in an up close and personal manner. I don't really notice people's feet/toes. But if she feels confident enough to wear sandals, more power to her. Don't look at her feet if it bothers you.. it obviously doesn't bother her or else she wouldn't wear them. There's nothing you can say to make her cover up her feet that's not going to make her feel self conscious.

    • I don't think you're weird at all. Some people just have a disposition to look at feet. Others are even really attracted to them. I don't think I'm to that stage yet, so I'll most likely get over this.

      Your'e right, It's hot out. Also, her confidence more that makes up from any minor "imperfection" I might find. Besides, she probably has a list for me also that she over looks lol

      I make it a point to ensure that she is completely comfortable around me. I want her to be herself


    • (continued) so to make sure that doesn't change, I'll let this go.

      All in all, she is such the complete package!

      I have to remember that, "only a fool expects something he can't even give himself...perfection"

      Thanks alot!

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  • buy her one of those spa coupons and send her to get a pedicure.but DO NOT say anything about her feet,just say you want her to relax,there is no way to say ''your feet are f***in ugly'' w/o hurting her feelings

    • exactly, that's how I can be proactive without causing any problems:) Thanks!

  • Who pays attention to the toes? The shoes are all I care about!

  • I like your update. I was gonna come here and rip you a new one (honestly lol) but I'm glad you see the light. She can't help her toes anymore than you could help the features that you were born with. No one is perfect

  • if you really do love her as much as you say, you shouldn't care. She likes wearing sandals, and is she doesn't care what others say about her toes, why would you? There's no way of telling her without hurting her feelings.

  • why do you hate her toes so much? Is it because she has deformed toes? because I know of one girl who has deformed toes... and she never wears sandals...

    • and I imagine that she is just as happy without them, as she would be with them...but I could be wrong:)

What Guys Said 2

  • dude that would be a d*** move if you told her that. there is no way to say that without her getting self conscious about it. its like trying to find a nice way to tell a person that they're ugly: ITS IMPOSSIBLE

    • agreed, it's I just learn to love them huh?...I can probably do that:) Thanks

  • If her feet make you visibly uncomfortable then... god

    I can't do this

    just... shoot yourself

    game over man, game over!

    • really...that's the best solution you could come up with...ridiculous! Why even waste a comment space, when someone might have a helpful answer?

    • look man -- if you want to tell a woman to cover her feet... I don't even know where to begin

      give it up man, give up the mania, the control, the foolishness

    • see there, that last line...that's where you could have begun! I ask honest questions in forums like these and need a "reality check" sometimes.

      I know deep down it's no big deal, it's really a small issue in the big scheme of things. and I'm cool working on that. I get better every day. Thanks

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