What are some things girls talk about with each other when no guy are around?

What do girls talk about only with there girlfriends and not around guy? And why do you not talk about this stuff in front of guys?


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  • Honestly embarrassment.There are just some things a girl is not comfortable talking about infront of guys.more importantly the person they like. We are afraid that if we say certain things than that will be the end of it, they think guys won't understand


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  • I can only speak for myself and my other girlfriends but we talk about

    2. Drama, yes its true!

    1. Boys (that we are interested in)

    3. Style

    4. Sex

    5. Other girls

    6. The up coming weekend.

    • Hmm what kind of drama?this facinating stuff.

    • Drama the he said, she said.

      Boys like we ask questions about our guys actions for example: why did he act this way? Or: This is what my guy does.

      Style places to get cute clothing, how to do make-up, ect

      Sex What we like in bed, what we done, what we want to do.

      Other girls WTF IS she wearing? She's acting dumb as shit. Gossip!

      Up coming weekend what we are going to plan out for the weekend!

  • Because it's probably about the guy.


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  • 1. penis size.

    2. clothes

    3. talking shit about one of their girl friends who aren't there.

    4. what they did the other day in detail.

    5. Other: emotion related stuff.

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