How do you get a guy's attention after you have already slept with him?

Okay so during spring break I slept with this guy and then stopped talking to him but now I like him a lot but I don't know how to try to even start to talk to him its really weird how we even met I was with my friend and her boyfriend picked us up we went to a party then I made out with him a week later I was at another party we did not even talk but somehow we ended up sleeping together and now I want to at least talk to him but I just can't seem to get words out... Oh I took his virginity to.


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  • Wanna make a SIGNIFICANT impression in his eyes? To where it "almost" forces him to make a reaction? Simple -> Improve yourself even more.

    Dress up / Style your hair / Take a comedy class / Work harder for that promo at work / etc.. Eventually news will sift underneath his nose and he's gonna come across the memories of you back then - he's gonna then think: "Maybe I should get in touch with her" (exceptions, I'll explain below).. And at that point, he's gonna be the man he ought to be - in which, he's gonna start trying harder to get your attention.

    The exceptions I mentioned above: If you broke his heart, if you f***ed his best friend, etc.. Those "Extremes" which make the memory of you unpleasant rather than pleasant.. But if he's neutral with you, or has a positive image about you, then he's gonna think about you in this type of scenario.

    And if your wanting faster results -> you can speed it up by "interacting with him".. meaning:

    - Add him on Facebook (Zzzzzz boring..)

    - Go to where he works and catch up like normal (once a week?)

    - Start hanging out with his friends, or make plans with his friends for a "double date"?


    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Yeee... well what can I say, I'm not even really sure if he would like to continue doing something with you. I mean for him and for you it was a simple one night stand. However because you are a girl you developed feelings for him eventually ( a delayed emotions )( you were confused but you did it anyway probably for him ). Good benefit for you and for him, you got what you wanted pure sex. Now you want more, but I'm sure he doesn't lol, otherwise he would of find you somehow and start I don't know texting, talking or whatever. My suggestion to you leave all this ALONE and move on, or you will get heart even more. Honestly it was 100% your fault soo.. yee. Next time be smarter. I'm not tying to be rude to you, I'm simple telling you what is.

    • really the only reason I want to start talking to him again is to have sex with him agin he had the biggest thing I've ever had in me... that sounded bad but yeah.

    • Well in that case if you want something, guess what, you have to go and get it your self. Find him.

    • So why didn't you just say that? Tell him you want to borrow his big d*** again. If he's not too busy, I'm sure he'll let you.

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  • The only way you can get his attention is to not contact him at all. Do not call or even text him; wait for him to reach out to you. This will confuse him because guys expect girls to get clingy after sex.

    P.S. It doesn't look like he's interested, so if I were you, I would both not contact him (leave open the chance that he could come after you) and move on. If he's not chasing you, he's not interested.

  • add him on fb and say hi on messenger


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