I'm extremely self conscious and shouldn't be?

How do I get over being self conscious 24/7? I'm constantly thinking of what people think of me even though I don't give a f*** and I seem to always do thinks to please others rather than myself. I'd love to wear what I actually LOVE to school everyday rather than the norm, jeans and a shirt and sandals which is what every other girl wears. The farthest I've gone to being my true self is dying my hair blood red which everyone loves, I don't know how to get over this!

I think about it all the time, ill just be walking down the hallway and monitoring every single thing I do to make sure I don't come across a certain way, and I dress and act in ways that aren't 100% ME. I don't know how to overcome this.


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  • High school is a sucky time, I won't lie. You feel like everyone is watching you, the importance is based off of how popular you are, etc. Just get through high school and it will get better.

    Once you are in college, or out of high school, it gets better. No one is paying that close attention to you in the outside world because everyone is too absorbed in their own stuff. Think about it- I challenge you to remember 4 people, other than your friends, and remember exactly what they wore and did. Chances are , you can't really. You remember you saw them, and anything really significant but that is it. Its even less in real life. You don't know the person, so you don't remember them. The only people I remember are the ones who are insanely hot, or are dressed in the most ridiculous clothing, and even then I forget by the next day.

    So take that into consideration, get yourself through high school, and remember that people aren't paying as close attention as you think, and if they are, I bet they forget by the end of that day.


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  • those who matter don't mind

    and those who mind don't matter

    • well said :)

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    • This is so great! I recently took an art course and we had to chose a quote to add into it and I chose this one! Nice!

    • I mean re reading your question makes me remember my younger years lol

      and honestly nothing we say will effect your perspective of this issue

      you will have to realize that not everyone will like you and you should be happy for you and no one else

      good luck (:

  • It's different for everyone, no hard and fast rule for it. If it were easy to overcome, everyone would be confident.

  • u should only care about what you do in front of the the one you like. not everyone else


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