I get upset looking at other people's pictures.

I'm not upset with my physical appearance, but when I see pictures on Facebook of people going to prom or out places with their friends or people they know, I realize how much of high school I've essentially been missing out on. I always look at every small thing that someone does with me or for me as something absolutely wonderful, but seeing their photos makes me realize how insignificant the interaction really was? (I never went with three classmates to SeaWorld, or even to the downtown part of where I live). I'm going into 12th grade soon, and I don't want to miss out on social events, but how can I make up for eleven years of social neglect in a year? If I can't change myself so that I can do the things that I want to, can I at least find a way to be less jealous of what other people do that I don't?


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  • Yeah, same here. I feel exactly the same way, actually.

    Prom, for example - I didn't go because, essentially, I didn't want to, but I still get a nagging feeling that I SHOULD have.

    So eh, I can't really help you. :/

  • You don't have to make up for missing out on social activities by trying to do everything at once. Figure out what you actually want to do and work towards doing it. What other people are doing may not make you happy at all. Plus, people fake smiles in pictures, what is going on in their head ... you never know.


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