Guys and facial hair?

How old were you when:

1. You 1st started getting facial hair?

2. You started shaving?

3. How often do you shave now?

4. Do you mind shaving or is it annoying to have to do it?

5. Is it easy to cut yourself shaving?

6. How long do you think it would take you to grow an inch long beard?

7. Do you feel rough / dirty / spiky if you don't shave?

Thnx guys


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  • 1. At about 12 where I grew sideburns down to my chin

    2. At about 12 or 13 but shaved sporadically; when it got stronger it had to be more frequent given my high school's uniform policy. Although it was fun also growing a Hulk Hogan tribute moustache with my friend during holidays or a Magnum PI one for a laugh.

    3. Twice a day- my growth is extremely powerful and I need to ensure my mustachio/Guy Fawkes-like facial hair is maintained neatly for the purposes of my employment.

    4. It is a necessary evil but then I derive a sense of satisfaction from looking good so I can tolerate it.

    5. Not particularly-even if I do have sensitive skin.

    6. About 2 weeks or so; it depends.

    7 Yes extremely- it becomes very irritating and increasingly harder to tackle.


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  • 1) 14ish

    2) As soon as I started getting facial hair so 14ish

    3) Every day

    4) Don't really mind it

    5) I hardly ever do it anymore

    6) I have no idea since I haven't ever grown one, but a few months at least

    7) It's rough and I think it makes me look like a bum. That's probably why I shave every day.

    • lol I know, on most guys it makes them look like a bum and the other few it makes them look very GQ

    • I usually like goatees, but for the longest time I wasn't able to grow the connection between the mustache and the beard to get a goatee. If you aren't well groomed facial hair looks messy to me but well groomed facial hair can really compliment guys looks with some people.

  • 1. 12-13

    2. 13

    3. Every day

    4. I don't really mind it.

    5. It's easy until you get good at it. I'll nick myself about once a month, if that.

    6. Never grown one that long, couldn't say.

    7. You know what sandpaper feels like? That.

    • oh yea I know that sandpaper feeling! I know it when my dad hugs me and he hasn't shaven, I tell him "you're all scratchy, shave!" and it scratches my face...ouch!

    • Softens up after another day, though. It's just the first day without a shave that's rough.

  • 1). I don't know exactly. I do remember it became more noticeable in grade 7/8.

    2). When I entered high school.

    3). Usually every 1-3 days. Sometimes I'm just to lazy and like to have a bit of stubble.

    4). It is annoying

    5). I use electric. Never cut myself with it.

    6). Around 2-3 weeks.

    7.) Not really. I usually only notice spiky-ness after a few hours of shaving and then it goes away.

  • I was about 16 when I started getting facial hair.

    I started shaving (trimming) at 18

    I only trim it now. I look like a baby when I'm clean shaven and I've been told I look a lot better with dribble.

    I don't know if trimming counts as shaving to you but I do it pretty fast so it isn't inconvenient.

    It is VERY hard to cut yourself shaving IMO.

    It takes me about 6-8 months for a full 1" beard.

    Rough and spilt yes but my facial hair is actually really soft so it's an illusion.

  • 1) 13

    2) 13

    3) Every other day (every day when I have meetings)

    4) Annoying (it was fun for the first 2 weeks... but that was over 10 years ago)

    5) it doesn't happen often, all you have to do is move perpendicular to the blade and it won't happen

    6) 2-3 weeks

    7) kind of..but since I already have a beard it takes more for it to be that noticeable

  • 1) at 16

    2) at 17

    3) every alternate day

    4) It's not annoying at all, after shaving I do feel more fresh.

    5) nopes if you're doing it three times a week.

    6) never done that, so no idea.

    7) yeah

  • 1. 14 (could only do the goatee style at that time; but was not dense)

    2. 14 (but rarely)

    3. Trim once a week (in my own style)

    4. No; it's fun; see it as an art

    5. No; almost never happened to me (occurred in the early years)

    6. One and a half month

    7. No

  • 1.embarrassingly, not too long ago :P

    2. as soon as I got it.

    3. every other day, and I don't shave it completely. I just shorten it.

    4.I don't mind.

    5.I use an electric shaver.

    6.forever xD


  • 1. 15/16 maybe

    2. 18, for job interviews

    3. every day

    4. annoying

    5. no, I use an electric razor

    6. a while

    7. spiky

  • About 14 I started getting a peach fuz moustach

    When I was 15 but I didn't actually start shaving frequently until I was 16.5

    Only when my neck starts getting scruffy

    I don't shave very often so not really

    Little nicks sometimes but I rarely get bad ones

    I never really kept track but I can grow a one or 2 inch

    goatee in about a month or 2

    I feel dirty when my neck hair gets long

  • 1/ 15

    2/ 15

    3/ Stubble trim 3 times a week

    4/ I hate shaving, which is why I just leave my stubble

    5 / Yes

    6/ A month

    7/ really spikey !

  • 1. You 1st started getting facial hair? - 15 (I think), but it started off as just a mustache :P

    2. You started shaving? - I wasn't used to it so shaved it from the moment it first appeared and than on after.

    3. How often do you shave now? - If I wanted to keep it free, I think I would need to shave it every single day because it grows so fast. I tend to keep it as stubble now.

    4. Do you mind shaving or is it annoying to have to do it? - Can get annoying, you need to keep buying new razors and you might cut yourself

    5. Is it easy to cut yourself shaving? - Not really but it does happen, I am annoyed doing it so some of the times I would just get it over with as quick as possible.

    6. How long do you think it would take you to grow an inch long beard? - I am really not sure, this is like a guess but I think 3 months?

    7. Do you feel rough / dirty / spiky if you don't shave? - For this first few days I think, its generally not that spiky

  • 1) Around 14 or 15

    2) 16 or 17

    3) During the warmer seasons once a week; during the colder seasons around once a month. It also depends if there is a girl I am trying to look nice for. Then I will save more often haha.

    4) I don't mind that much. The way I see it, I actually get a choice whether or not I want hair on my face, instead of always having a clean face because I can't grow hair.

    5) Not really. I always use an electric shaver these days and I didn't ever have a problem of cutting myself with a blade either.

    6) A month

    7) After a week or so I feel rough and then once it starts getting longer it feels dirty / greasy.

  • 1. I want to say about 16

    2. 16-17

    3. I shave maybe once a month.. I usually just trim it really short with an electric razor haha

    4. I hate shaving with a passion... which is why I answered #3 the way I did :)

    5. the more you do it the less it happens. my chin is very prone to getting cut for some reason

    6. an inch long beard... probably close to 2 months.. maybe a little less

    7. once it gets like... past a sixteenth of an inch long or so I feel scruffy looking so I trim/shave it.. but I think I look good with the short scruff

  • 1. 14 I think?

    2. Shortly after that

    3. Once or twice a week

    4. I don't mind it

    5. Rarely happens

    6. About a month

    7. Nah. I've been told I look good with some scruff

    • 14 wow that's early

    • Might have been 15. But still isn't really that early, it started as pretty fine hair and not very noticeable.

    • yea that's not so early. Yours was the 1st answer I read so I thought 14 was young but other guys started when they were 13 so I withdraw my previous statement.

      If the hair was fine and not very noticeable I wouldn't bother shaving either

  • 1. at birth :P

    2. 15 I think

    3. everyday! I'm in the military

    4. its annoying (see above answer)

    5. only if you have sh*t razors

    6. a week :)

    7. nope, love stubble.

    your welcome :)

  • 1. Like at 12 I had a beard that didn't connect but I started growing long sideburns and stuff like at 11.

    2. I might have picked up a razor when I was like 13 or 14 but I usually just cut it off with the clippers.

    3. I usually just go to the barber so that he lines up my chinstrap and shaves me with the straight razor. If I don't I will shave once a week.

    4.Shaving annoys me because I have to make sure everything is even. If I was to just shave everything off then I would care and probably do it more often.

    5. I have never cut myself. I don't know how I could.

    6. To grow an inch long beard it shouldn't take me more than 3 or 4 weeks ... 5 weeks at the most. At least that's how long it can grow during finals the last month of school.

    6. I feel dirty if I don't shave after a week and and a half. Stubble looks good on me so I can leave it until I start looking bad.

  • 1.Depends on 'started' 16 couldn't grow a real mustache until I was 19

    2 19

    3 as little as I can get away with.

    4 I hate it.

    5 No

    6 3-4 weeks

    7 Rough for the first few days, then it softens.

  • 1)13


    3)Once every 2-3 days , also depends on my current relationship status.If I am in a relationship it is once every day .Note I'm 16 now...

    4) it's alright , it becomes part of routine really , it's not a hassle really

    5) It depends how much time I have at hand. If I have 5 minutes I'll usually cut myself just because I can't spend enough time to go over hard to get spots twice over , so I have to be more vigirous . With 10 minutes I can shave just fine , and yes I have a considerable amount to shave at my age..

    6)3-4 weeks

    7) I don't feel it myself if it is around 1/4 inch long , if it is morning stubble I'll feel it , that is about the only time I really will. But I hate going 3 days without shaving , 2 is alright , 3 I just look dirty.

    • yea after a few days guys do tend to look a little 'dirty'

      and 13 wow! you developed early

    • Yeah it was actually suprising , I don't know anyone who started as early as I did.

  • 1) 15

    2) 15

    3) Couple times a week

    4) annoying that why I just trim my stubble its a lot better

    5) yes

    6) 2 weeks

    7) rough

  • 1. 13

    2. 17 (lol)

    3. once every two weeks ( I don't get alot)

    4. Pretty easy lol

    5. It's annoying

    6. 2-3 years xD

    7. No

    BTW You're gorgeous ;D

  • 1) Don't recall

    2) Possibly 15 for a job interview

    3) I used to only shave twice a week in the military (we had to look clean shaven all the time) but now I shave it off about twice a year but I shave the sides and trim about once a week

    4) Slightly annoying but I don't have the issue where I don't have hair where I want it and hair where I don't want it yet.

    5) Yes on the neck usually

    6) I won't let it get that far, it irritates me. Plus I won't grow a full beard, just partial

    7) yup, I tend to scratch my neck if it gets too hairy.

  • 1. I think 17 or 18.

    2. I never shave. I just trim- and that's only about once every 2 months.

    3. I never shave, just trim.

    4. I just don't want to irritate my skin by shaving. I've heard that once a guy shaves, his hair on that place gets a tiny bit thicker or something. not sure if it's true or not though.

    5. wait, wtf? is this Q only for shaving?

    6. one inch? hm... on one small place on my chin, I'd say maybe 3-4 months?

    7. no. I feel awesome if I don't shave :D love my whiskers lol. even though they are a bit small.

    Maybe I'll make some sort of cool design with my facial hair? hm...

  • 16 and it just started growing W0000T FOR ME

  • Amazing how many guys can grow a one inch beard in 3 weeks, considering hair grows at a rate of about half an inch per month. :)

  • 1.15


    3.2-3 days :P

    4.dont care

    5. never done it



  • 1. 18

    2. 19?

    3. Not often, but I do trim and keep everything looking clean.

    4. meh

    5. Accidental cuts have never really been a problem for me. I've gotten a few little nicks here and there, but I've never understood how so many guys manage to cut their faces while shaving. It's rarely happened to me, and I don't even use shaving cream.

    6. For me? Probably a while.

    7. If I let the scruff on my cheeks too long, yeah I feel sorta grimy.


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