I feel like I'm not good enough. Opinions anyone?

So basically here's the story: I have two best friends Both of these girls are absolutely beautiful. One has a different boyfriend every other day, and the other has a long term boyfriend of two- going on three years. Whenever we are in a social setting together, I am always overlooked. I'm not ugly, but I don't feel I match up. I'm pretty care-free and I like to joke around and flirt, but at the end of the day, I'm never the girl the guy picks, although I'm usually the only one who is single. I can be pretty picky when it comes to guys and therefore I have never been kissed. I'm not ashamed of that fact but it makes me feel slightly inadequate. What can I do to take some of the attention away from my friends and be more noticable to guys?
(continueing from below- I thought I could add more than one comment haha) We sit with them and one of the guys is absoulte adorable. He's cute, shy, funny, and nice. We hit it off right away but at the end of the night, he goes after my other friend. I was shocked! What is wrong with me?
I was dressed up, and know I looked good. My friend came from work, she had no makeup on, she was wearing her work clothes and she still beat me out! She is naturally beautiful and can look gorgeous in seconds when it takes me hours. It's so degrading.


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  • Hello Cute one! to be honest I'm a guy, even though I am from Africa I know the difference attraction and being hot. what I'm saying here is when ever you miss being yourself, you miss the path. just be yourself don't look over anybody must guys love girl for what she is, I mean true love You're as important as oxygen. Never let anybody makes you feel less important.

    • You're completely right. Thank you for your advise, it's fabulous! I'll try to follow it from now on.

    • Ohhhhh! I'm sorry for not commenting you on time, I've been occupied. Anyway you're welcome, any time its good to a helping hand... and you too take care.

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  • Why do you think the guys notice your friends more than you? The answer most likely is the way they carry themselves. Girls with a certain confidence on top of attractiveness can stand out much more than the shy attractive girl who lacks confidence. Without knowing you there is no way to know how attractive you and your friends are but what matters here is your confidence. You can't think of your friends getting with more guys as being because they are more attractive. This may not be the case so my best advise is to gain some confidence in yourself.

    Once you are confident in your looks and don't look at yourself as being lesser than your friends guys will notice that and probably think the same. Now if these girls you associate yourself with are Jessica Alba and Megan Fox clones you probably are going to have some trouble attracting guys over them but that is unlikely so what you need to do is act like they do. Your friend probably carry themselves with more confidence right? It sounds like you have some confidence in your looks but there is so much more that defines you that you can be confident about. I'm sure there is someone out there for you don't feel inadequate!

    • Thats the thing- one of my friends is super quiet and she is always the girl with guys lined up around the corner for their turn. I guess I don't understand! Here's an example of something that happened one time: We were out sitting at a table and these guys approached us and asked if we would join them. Of course, I said yes because I'm always up for an adventure. (to be continued haha)

    • Well I don't think that any good can be made just chalking that up to your friend being more attractive even if it is true. Maybe there was something about her or your personality that made him click with your friend more. You said he's shy, well shy guys connect better with shy girls at times so that may be the issue. Without knowing you I can't give a great answer, just remember that having confidence and a good attitude will get you half of the way. I can't help you with closing the guy.

  • U need to go do activities on your own. Guys aremuch more likely to focus on you then. Plus don't put to much weight onto looks and focus more onto developing a personality and style that guys find approachable. Its easy to attract a lot of guys lol no worries


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  • Well sometimes women beat other women out by reasons we will never know. Just focus on YOU- your speech, confident, dressed and conversation. Stay in your lane and if none of our advice works then try plentyoffish and try mingling with guys as habit built you up. Guys like different types of girls, find of what your type is and what he likes and if it's you come out!


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