How can I be more exciting and adventurous?

OK I know girls love excitement and adventure. So how can I show the girl I like I'm exciting and adventurous?

**Note: I am NOT a bad boy and I'm NOT a spineless nice guy either**


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  • Just do something unexpected. Something that will catch her eye and attention. Be a bit spontaneous. If you have a nice car, It could be as small as speeding in it down a strait away...but don't be stupid and overdue it, you could lose control. You should know your car...just rev it up a bit.

    - Tell her we're going here...then suddenly surprise her and take her there (as long as it's something you know she'd love).

    - Sneak into a scary rated R movie if you're underage.

    - Go to an amusement park with the girl and ride the biggest ride there.

    Honestly it could be something really small or really big that makes the girl feel "carefree and high on adventure with a you". They both work. Just be creative with whatever you do and have fun. Remember to bring the energy...And don't be stupid and get your ass busted with the law.


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  • i know this isn't "adventurous" but this happened to me at school. we were in PE sitting on the stairs. This guy I liked was talking to his friend. They occasionally would look at me and sometimes smile (at each other not me). But it REALLY got me thinking! I want to know what thay were saying really bad. So maybe you can do something like that

  • do something out of character for you.


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  • You just need to develop interests and pursue them.


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