What do guys look for in a girl?

I am confused on what guys for in a girl. It's obviously an easy question... I am open to different answers...


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  • It all depends. I don't think you will get a general answer, but I can add my opinion : )

    Looks (as shallow as it is) is the first thing I look for, and the only thing I can judge from a distance, and without making contact. As long as I can look at a girl, and think of her as cute or pretty, I'm fine with that. The better looking, the.. better? xD

    Than it all comes down to personality, looks or personality can both be deal breakers. I love when a girls is easy to talk to, somone who I can pretty much speak to at all times, and there won't be a dull moment. That is a girl I will show immense interest in. I like when I girl brings up her own topics, and talks to me. I don't have as much fun when I'm the entertainer all night.

    Other than that, I'm pretty sure all guys look for girls that are interested in the same things as them, and have things in common i.e. Music/Movies/TV/Sports/. I fall for girls really fast when they have a lot of the same interests as me, gives us more in common, more to talk about.

    Hope I Helped :D

  • It's an easy question with an easy answer. Looks + Personality. Just like girls look for in guys.


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