We are in the same class, sometimes I catch him looking at me?

OK the story is long , but the important is ...

The latest news , me and my guy friend and who is my secret love get in fight, and didn't talk anymore to each other without a reason ,but don't know if seriously there's a reason , I think he knows that I love him but don't know really I'm not sure, OK and it was like 1 week and a half But I've talked with him yesterday and he told me we turn the page , and he missed me , and he won't get far away again from me and I did too.

We are in the same class , sometimes I catch him looking at me , and I do the same , we smile , and he winks to me ! I'm just melting LOL

Anyway , I wouldn't deny that he have a lot of girl friends like mates I mean, and they always stick to him , The prob , is he don't talk to me in class much like the way he's talking with me in chat .

He s always comfortable and relaxed , laughing with other girls and me , it's rare just talking about school stuffs or just smiling , I m just tired about this situation . I don't know too if he feels love towards me like I do or don't know ..

Anyway , I tried to talk to him in class , but he just like shy , or don't know like he don' t want to talk with me . and this makes me so angry really .


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  • A tip to get more people to reply to your question next time: Spread out your sentences better, use paragraphs. I see that you're from France and maybe your English isn't so good, it's just really hard to read and understand. I had to try really hard to get through the whole thing. ;)

    Anyway it sounds like he's a shy guy. Try to get him to open up more at school. Don't try to start talking to him as much as you do in chat right away. Just start small and get him to open up more and more AT school. Start small conversations and get bigger, just like if you were meeting a new person.

    And try not to freak out about him too much. The cooler and calmer you are the better he will respond to you.

    • Thank you so much for your reply and your effort to read my writing , probably , my english isn't quite good, but I'm trying to get it better.

      Anyway ,

      Honestly I don't find what to talk about him at school , because he's always around with his girl mates , and I'm getting ashamed and shy too sometimes , even I try to talk to him , he 's like rejecting me or don't know , just talk few not much and get the conversation to the end .

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