Since when did calling someone cute mean that I like them?

I give girls complements because I feel guys don't give girls enough compliments. Thus, I tell girls they have nice eyes, you look nice today, I like your outfit, or nice smile etc etc etc

When I say things like that, I don't mean I like you.

Is there a rule that I don't know that means you like someone if you compliment them?

Or am I actually flirting with them when I'm just trying to be a good guy?


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  • If you haven't already noticed, us girls over-analyze things way too much. Thing is, there's not much difference between the kind of compliments you're giving girls and the kind that they would receive from a guy that WAS interested in them. Can you see how they could get the wrong idea?

    Of course you don't have to like someone to compliment them. People give each other compliments all the time, because they genuinely mean it and are interested in making the other person feel good.

    There's nothing wrong with doing what you're doing. Girls definitely won't resent you for supposedly "leading them on", or anything like that. Just be prepared for the fact that many girl will get the wrong idea, unless they know you otherwise.


    • What is a complimen that wouldn't send the wrong signals?

    • Hmm... depends on the girl, and how she perceives it, you know?

      I can't think of an example, sorry... :(

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  • I think it's great you give out compliments but I can also see how it can mislead a girl into thinking you like them. Maybe if you are careful about the way you say your compliments so they are less likely to think you are flirting. It's tough through. For example is you smile and look them in the eyes after the compliment most girls will interpret that as flirting. I would try and give out those compliments as nonchalantly as possible. It's really sweet that you do that. Maybe if we all did that more often we wouldn't over-analyze compliments and equate them with attraction.

    • What would be a compliment that wouldn't give the wrong signals?

    • Maybe complimenting something they are wearing rather then saying they are cute or pretty or whatever. Or like you look nice today something more general. Honestly, many girls (myself included) are insecure and when a good looking guy gives us a compliment it is a huge confidence boost. When someone makes you feel good about yourself it's hard not to wonder if there is something more between you.

      It's really not your fault us girls get confused signals, we imagine things like that all the time.

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  • If you make them laugh, make a lot of eye-contact, are overly friendly and compliment them, many girls will misinterpret this as flirting since these are all acts of flirting.

  • in general, people are mean stuck up selfish sons of bitches. I don't need to get into the biggies like hitler and staling, but for the most part people are just mean in general. why should I be accepting of a compliment from a girl if I hardly know her/dont know her at all. I don't know what her intentions are. rape, just cause you give someone a compliment does NOT mean you like them, just shows that you think they have style/class etc...liking someone is being able to tell them anything, hold them and feel comfortable, watching what you say around them.

    a simple compliment is none of that


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