Before anyone else asks it (I think I'm the first, hopefully)?

girls, what do you think of the infomercial with the new "pajama jeans" jeans that look like jeans but have the sweatpants feel to it. I'm a guy and even I'm thinking about getting a pair myself. so I'm curious if your thinking about getting them too. if you Haven't seen them yet, just google pajama jeans, I'm sure they'll be somewhere


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  • This is the first I've heard of them...and I really wish I hadn't seen this thread. Seriously...whats with all these hideous fashion trends? As if jeggings weren't bad enough. :/

    But I mean...if you wanna wear them, then go for it. Its your body, your style. :)

    • i agree leggings are hideous especially girls who wear them as pants. but I think this is actually kind of a neat idea. to each their own I suppose

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    • I wish they wouldn't make them at all, regardless of gender lol.

      I've been asking around about them here, and no one seems to know what they I'm hoping they don't take off down here. I had to googled those booty pop things mean people are trying to make their arses bigger?! O.o Wtf, is this world coming too! ARGH! Lol. No, but really...

    • i actually don't like bigger bootys. I'm odd like that, lol

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  • Are you kidding?! Anything beats zipping up a pair of jeans! I'd get a pair in a heartbeat especially if they are that comfy. I could wear sweat pants all day if they didn't make my hips look so big, but luckily the pajama jeans fit you well enough that you look slimmer.

    • thats why I'm thinking about getting a pair. feels good looks good and there's no hassle of zipping (fat men) not fat, just sometimes I don't like to zip them

  • Totally need to get a pair of those, a booty pop too. & wear them together.

    • lol, booty pop, those are funny, sorry, just think they are

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  • No. Just no.

    • Exactly what I was thinking in my head as I was reading this question, lmao.

  • They'r ugly as sin, and stupid as hell.


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