The whole night he was checking me out and he was looking at me. What does this mean?

So, this guy who was a very good friend of mine liked me last year and we ended up hooking up and since the hook up everything changed we became very weird with each other. In other words it was awkward so then he leaves off for college and I don't see for a whole year until yesterday I was out in a lounge and I didn't know he got back so we met we said Hi but the thing is that I was really normal with him like I didn't act weird nor anything.. But he was pretty weird and the whole night he was checking me out and he was looking at me like for the whole night I would catch him staring at me and even my friends would tell me that he didn't stop staring at me. I find it funny but what does this mean, maybe that he couldn't believe that am actually being really normal with him or what?


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  • common sense people this is using your own words

    he was checking me out (indicator of interest) he kept looking at you (ioi) he hooked up with you before (ioi) he doesn't stop looking at you (ioi)

    he obviously had some feeling towards you if he was willing to hook up with you whatever they be physical, emotional or both.

    if he couldent take his eyes off you according to what you said he obviously liked what he was looking at. you don't keep looking at the TV if you don't like the show.


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