What are you looking for in a man, women?

My understanding is that women are looking for someone they can fix. Like myself I do not think that I am broken or need fixing. I am independent I am a professional chef, so I know how to cook, if needed I can sew hem some pants, I know how to fix and work on cars, I can wash my own clothes and yes my chefs coats are nice and white, just an all around handy man. I am 40 years old and never been married nor have I been on a date and never had a girlfriend. Yes I have done volunteer work at some hospitals and I don't sit in front of the computer all day and I have lived all over this USA and even been overseas. I have tried many dating sites and nothing as if I am not suppose to have a girlfriend let alone a wife. I have tried and spent years not trying, been part of a church group for 7 years. So I do get out and meet people it's just women tend not like me for some reason. Could I be a rare breed that is not boyfriend or husband material?


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  • You sound great. I'd say just keep your eyes open, and if you see a woman that you're interested in, start a conversation. If it goes well ask her out. Most women (at least most that I know of) do not make the first move. It sounds like you have tons of opportunities to meet women. Make sure you act like a gentleman because that makes a great first impression. Good luck.

  • Well it seems that you have lots of qualities I can't tell what's your problem is, have you tried becoming friends before trying to date someone? Have tried eharmony ? I heard there is a personality test to make good matches... Good luck I am sure you will find someone


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