I have a degree in 3D animation and looking for a job in movie and games industries?

mt relationship with the art is great I'm really good at it but I was wondering if I can get a job in my industry and atualy make money the last few years I've be doing little freelance job on a local bases but I'm only making 500 dollar a year what I need to do is to develop relationship with people at the top but how do I do that . I know people at Hollywood but not the animators. I heard only 2% of animators make enough to live on with impermanent job! I really need a way to make a living! acting and much don't pay eather


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  • Vodo.net link

    Create an original short movie using everything you know. Post it, let people see it and get your name out there. Post it to you-tube and see if it goes viral.

    Send it to the people in Hollywood that you DO know. If they like it, they will send it to their people and eventually someones people will call your people and you can do lunch. :)

    I have also seen various MMORPG's hiring designers and animators. If you create a website that shows the work that you do and make it professional looking, then you can point those people to your work. Even if the job your applying for isn't "exactly" what your looking for, someone in the industry will see your work. Be patient. I've been a writer for years and people still haven't recognized how brilliant I am. :)


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