Are you one of those that are extremely diapointed that apocalypse didn't arrive today?

Why would someone be looking forward to this?

What would be different if that was official?


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  • We have it coming sooner or later. I didn't expect it to happen today, especially a prediction involving religion.


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  • I really don't get why anyone would be looking forward to the END OF THE WORLD. Just my opinion, though. If it was official, I think people would try to make the best of the last day of their and everyone else's existence.


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  • no. I knew nothing was gonna happen. only religious nuts get worked up over these things. we'll see it again soon, aren't they predicting December 2012 as a doomsday too?

    • religion has nothing to do with 2012. those were the mayans.

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    • Well the mayans too had their own beliefs to predict such things so in reality it is some sort of spiritual religious doomsday.

    • no...cause they didn't rely on gods for that prediction. idk, I was just sayin

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