What facial shape that really attract guys?

1.Oval,round,square,oblong,triangle(pear),inverted triangle(heart) and diamond

2.Which one do you guys find sexy and hot?

3.Which one do you find cute?

i mean which form of face shape do you guys find attractive?


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  • I found a round proportionately big head to be cute on a girl maybe I am unusual. I love puffy cheeks. They almost look chubby but they are actually caused by a bone that's there. I know because that's the kind of face I have. I don't know if its weird that I like girls with a similiar face to mine. Well I don't like a beard on a girl so not completely lol. I like noses big small noses are cute. Long hair looks nice around almost any face

  • I personally find irregular polygons give me a boner every time I see one.

    Must be the asymmetry.


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