How do you deal with your curly hair?

I have curly hair not TIGHT curls but wavy curls. I usually get out of the shower put in mousse and I'm done with it but I was wondering what other people do?

Please keep in mind that I live in a city with HORRIBLE humidity and heat.

Thanks :)


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  • i do that too but I use frizz serum just incase, and it keeps your hair smooth when it's humid :)


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  • I use spritzes & or mouse that mentions its curl or wave enhancing...usually from the Frizz Ease line by John Freida, but also use others sometimes--you can combine them too if needed. Key is letting your hair dry naturally, you can use the products before or after, but generally work best when applied to damp hair. I usually use the hair dryer on the top part of my hair for volume though.

  • well when I get out of the shower my hair usually looks like this: link

    what I do, after I shower, I sometimes put mousse, but when I don't, I leave it natural and let it air dry and put in herbal essences curl scrunching gel (and it smells really good) and it leaves it looking like that picture, for the whole day :)

  • Tresemme has humidity control sprays!


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