Guys: is a woman more attractive if she appears to put more effort into her looks?

I was with my guy friends and I noted that I spend 20 minutes doing my hair and makeup and picking out what to wear

the guys said that it looks like I spend a lot more time than that, and say it's a good thing.

Is it true that a woman who spends more time on her appearance is more attractive than a woman who doesn't?


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  • well a woman may try as hard as she can to put those efforts into her looks...i'll call her attractive only if I find her attractive irrespective of what she's done to look so! because there are few women who are naturally beautiful they don't need too much of make up and all to appear attractive and then there are sum who'll even try to jump to the Sun but still will look ugly or unattractive!

    so its not about taking number of efforts its about taking the right efforts which will work for u!

    gd luck!


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  • I think there's a kind of bell curve with how much time/effort you put into your appearance and attractiveness. Girls who don't put any time or effort are as unattractive as girls who put WAY too much time and effort into it.

    It's best to find a girl who cares a little, maybe puts on just a tiny bit of makeup, but doesn't have any problems going out without spending an hour and a half to look "good".

  • Most girls look their best after taking care of themselves properly.

  • hmm...maybe? It just seems that sometimes females spend a hell of a lot of time fixing themselves up in ways that males don't like...personally I hate foundation...I would rather have your skin than chemicals on any day. But females tell me: your stupid, I don't do if for males, you really like it..u just don't know that you do, you say that, but you would hate us without it. A truly amazing litany of bullsh** You may be the exception...that's what I would say.if you are going to go to a bunch of lest don't make it worse!


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  • Yes. Lets just be real. Guys like attractive things. Most guys don't want to have a girl on their arm who dresses like a bum, doesn't wax her eyebrows, doesn't do anything to her hair, and overall looks a hot mess. Guys want a girl that they can show off to their friends, as many girls do.

    If guys said that to you then you really seem to just be digging for compliments

    • how does that make me digging for compliments? it just doesn't make sense to me...I feel that a girl would spend less time on her appearance if she was really beautiful

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    • well you're just little miss insulting aren't you?

    • lol I'm not intentionally being insulting. I'm just saying...for you to genuinely ask this question makes you look a little ditzy or you just want compliments.

      I work with models who put a lot of time into their appearance and they don't have a cakeface with fried hair.

  • Common sense says "yes"

    Some girls look good naturally without any effort, but for most, it takes effort.

    It's not about time, it's simply about appearance. Most guys on here are gonna say the less time the better, but I bet they'd sit down happily and wait for Megan Fox to put her full body on in a couple of hours

  • i don't know. most guys I know doesn't seem to see any difference on me between the times I put a lot on effort in how I looked and the times I just threw something on. I think it mostly has to do with the attitude, if you feel good you look good. And some girls look good because they feel good after taking a lot of time dressing up. but I think a guy is more likely to notice a girl who is dressed down and not wearing makeup if she is laughing, having fun and seem to be confident in her appearance than a girl that is really dressed up and put a lot of effort in looking good but is self conscious, tense and looking in the mirror all the time to see that everything's okay. So if you are a fun girl at any times its probably just a extra plus the times you put a lot of effort in your looks :)


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