What is your pick up style?

After watching 2 of my guy friends hit on women last night, I had to write a blog about it because they were so different. Guys, which type are you? Girls, what do you like and how to you talk to guys?

  • Guys - I wait for girls to come to me
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  • Guys - I talk to every girl
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  • Girls - I wait for guys to come to me
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  • Girls - When I see a hot guy, I go talk to them
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  • I umm... don't do either? I talk to only the girls I'm interested in. And even then it's never to hook up with, it's to try and start a friendship with and then see where things go from there. I prefer friends first :| see if we're really a match that way, if not we can still stay good friends, if so, pursue a real relationship. It's a more timely procedure, but far more mature than f***ing around and going out with everything that has a p**** and ya :| waste of time to do that imo or very likely to get someone hurt (prolly her if I was like that). And I'd really rather not harm someone.


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  • Not that I pick up girls, but I would probably lean more towards the "let them come to me" side of things. I still talk to people (not just girls) when I'm out, so I don't just sit and do nothing while I'm out. But I'm also not like the "Hey girl" kind of guy that your blog talked about. That stuff is silly to me and unless a girl is fine with it, I don't see how she couldn't notice that he is a joker.

    • yeah, I think he is socially uncomfortable and that might be why he does the hey girl thing but it sure was funny :)

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    • yeah! weird, hun? like nervous talking or something

    • Well I have experienced that before. I was at a local event around here and was hanging out with 2 buddies (not real close friends) and one is just ridiculously awkward, the other is the inexperienced type. The quiet one acted more normal, while the inexperienced one was "hollering" at every girl he saw lol. It was actually sort of embarrassing to be around. Plus I relate more to your friend at the end of the bar alone because I'm an introvert, I work alone :)

  • i just take out my baby powder and pimp slap em

  • I do a sound combination. I might start the evening with being the type a guy, and if it seems like a slow night, I'll take some initiative and talk to a girl I find attractive. But I do not like to talk with every girl. Seems kind of desperate to me.

    • i totally agree with the desperate part. I thought it was so funny that they were both so different. one didn't talk and the other talked too much

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