Is it true that men date better looking women than themselves and women less good looking than themselves?

I heard a rumour that men are attracted upwards and women downwards

Just wondering if people thought there was any truth in it?


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  • I've heard that too. In general, maybe men are a bit more shallow. Maybe women place a more equal value on personality or other traits other than looks. Not to say this is true all the time. I've seen plenty of girls date complete douche bags because they're tanned and ripped. This question made me think of that movie She's Out of My League.


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  • Half of that is true. Men are attracted to more attractive women. Half of that is complete nonsense. Women are not attracted to a guy because he is less attractive.

    Generally speaking, men place more importance on the attractiveness of their partner than women do, which might be what you're trying to say. But everyone likes attractive more than less attractive.

    • The comment I saw was something along the lines of women think less of themselves and their appearance, so they see themselves as less than they are and then look at men on that level as opposed to the level they are.

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    • No I see the jump in logic. I'm always one for accidentally not thinking things through.

      Well. A woman might like her eyes but she'll hate her tum, bum, hips, thighs and nose (or whatever). so every one things she likes, I guarentee there's a bunch of stuff she doesn't like.

      Maybe it's a mixed bag, I just wanted to see what others thought :)

    • Oh, OK. I get it. But yeah, women aren't saying "I'm just not that attractive so I'm going to turn down the really attractive guy who asked me out." That doesn't happen!

  • I actually think I've heard that somewhere too. Not sure I buy it, but I remember hearing it.

    • Least I'm not going mad! From BoobMan's comment I thought I had dreamt it

  • debateable to me


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