Guys, what attracts you to a woman?

Not just physically, but also personality traits and stuff she likes to do...


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  • Physically - such a huge range of women can be attractive to me.

    Mentally/Emotionally - I'm attracted to self-possessed women. That means she's not only confident in her every day life but is also comfortable with her body and never gives the impression she's trying to hide herself or look differently. She's bright and intelligent, she thinks before she speaks, and she's in touch with reality. She has a sense of humor. She speaks English properly. She appreciates that I do too. I don't really have anything particular in mind about her interests and hobbies as long as she knows why she likes what she does and is happy to tell me about it, as well as hear about my hobbies/interests too.

    • Great answer... and I noticed you're from Arizona, I am too :)

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    • what are you doing in tucson?

    • Just graduated from the UofA 2 years ago, now my dad and I are in business together running an engineering distribution company. Exciting stuff, I'm sure. My parents moved out here while I was going to school so I just stayed when I finished. What's your major?

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  • I like women that are intellectual and perhaps has a position of authority with their job. I am attracted to women that most men are intimidated by. I wish I had a girlfriend that was a police That is the type...

    Physically... She has to be on the smaller side. I am not that big of a guy in stature being only 5'5" and 165lbs... If she is like 5'2-5" between 110-125lbs, that is fine. Not into large boobs or backside, but as long as she has a figure, that is fine.

  • For me, I find women who dress well (not expensive but match colours and accessories, wear simple styles that do not beg for attention), look clean (I go ga ga over her natural body odour), are well groomed and with regards to physique - I love firm hips and thighs and the butt must protrude, I do not care for facial beauty.

    I like women who sing, are independent, resourceful and intellectual, can control their libido, are honourable, respectable and modest.

  • In a few words:-




    Good manner


    Sense of Humor


    • you want someone who is immature? or do you mean mature?

    • Immature; kind of childish, as it is within the circle of cuteness. Of course, she has to develop and enhance the maturity aspect after some time.

  • I like them smart, quick witted and open minded. I like adventuress ladies that can have a good convo, not scared to take a walk along a steep cliff and no sexual hang ups


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