Would he rather I come to him??? (Guys, I need help!)

(Girls can respond, too)

Okay, I would like for you to put yourself in my crush's shoes:

*You're a junior, and I'm a senior. (We're both 17-- well, your b-day is really soon)

*We've known each other since your freshman year.

*We're really good friends.

*When we talk, we touch each other. (Nothing weird, just on the arm and such.) You've held my hand for a few seconds on a few occasions.

*We hug every time we see each other.

*You're protective of me.

*You've hinted to me that you suspect that I have a crush on you.

*You've flirted with me in the past, as I have with you

*You have a crush on someone (not me), but you kinda know that you'll probably never be with that person.

Knowing this, do you think you would be interested in a (more-than-friends) relationship? Would you rather me ask you out instead?

I'm thinking about it, because with the crush and our friendship and stuff, I don't want to jeopardize what we have if he doesn't feel the same way about me.

Someone suggested that I grab him by the hand and kiss him on the cheek, but I don't want to be that forward until I know whether or not he feels the same way.
I texted him and asked if he's ever had feelings for me, and he said "Yes but I don't know like I do but then I don't I don't know how to explain" Then he apologized if that made me sad (it didn't) He told me that he would explain later. Yay.


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  • dont ask him out, I've figured out that guys hate it.

    it makes them see like they were to scared, let him feel like a man, and let him ask you out.

    i would tel him how you feel

    first, ask him who he likes

    and since he likes another girl then ask him besides her

    then if he doesn't answer, and tries to leave it at that, then say "well aren't you gonna ask me who I like" and then he should ask you, and flirt a little and say "i don't want to say it, it'll be embarrassing" and he'll insist, then you can say "i don't know how he fells about me", then he'll ask again who it is, and then you should tell him that you like him, and he might get quiet, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't feel this way about you, he is most likely just shy.

    hope I helped, if you have any more questions, just comment, and we can talk.

    • Thanks for the reply.

      I already know who he likes.

      He (kinda) knows that I like him.

      I just don't know how to tell him without making it weird for him (because of the crush and all).

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  • yes guys love it when girls make there feelings known. say lets get some lunch and just ask him how he would feel about taking the friendship to the next level. or whisper in his ear I like you. guys dream about girls saying those three words. unfortunatly they usualy don't say anything. so this part of the male fantasy about women never gets fulfilled. yes its part of the male fantasy to hear a girl say I like you. you do that and trust me you will make him very happy

    • Thanks for the advice.

      Will he still feel that way even if he likes someone else?

    • If a girl I didn't like at all said it I would be flatterd. and this guy likes you also. I'm giving away one of the biggest seacrets of manhood. men dream about a girl saying ( I like you) most women don't know this about us.

    • Lol... Thanks for the inside scoop. I'll try, but it's hard to find the guts to say that.

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  • glad I helped.