Why do girls look for "ambition and drive"?

Why do girls look for "ambition and drive"?

Where did they learn that's what they should look for?

No one told them that in school, I'm certain about that..


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  • I work really hard, I expect to be with someone who can support themselves. I'd also like for my future life partner to want to do more in life than just survive. Even if all he's ambitious about is collecting stamps, its good to know he's got a little substance to him.

    • essentially work is just about getting the money you need to survive

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    • Personality, character, dedication, something to talk about aside from their day at work/school/home.

    • Intriguing.

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  • simple. They want someone with drive and ambition... because they want someone in their lives that they can grow with, so they don't have to do everything...

    • isn't it so you'll earn the money and they will just have to leech you?

    • that's why you have to find the RIGHT woman... but I'll leave you to your opinion.

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  • I'm work hard & it is important to me, t spend commit energy, towards things I see as important in this world. I think its a positive trait and it shows good character in a guy, if he gives a sh*t or is content to do nothing.

    • what if I think almost nothing in this world is important and what is important we can't really change it (culture, society, etc.) so there's not much we can do

    • then I would not be compatible with u. I do not ind if the guy is not educated, as long as he has compassion. and o me compassion is caring about what happens in this world.

      I think its ungreatful & selfish to not care. Historically, if human beings thought that there is 'nothing we can do'- you would not be here right now your parents would have been eaten by their neighbors. or burnt in an oven. or died from the plague or tortured for reading a book. or left out to starve to death in the snow

    • I am studying engineering, programming, etc. at university, but I couldn't care less for history and the nonsensical bullsh*t collection of data that you'd have to know to understand what's up right now. Truly, the only reason why it matters if you keep track of the happenings in the world is because you can talk about it. Otherwise, it's pointless.

  • my momma told me.

  • A guy who doesn't have ambition and drive is that 24 year old McDonald's crew member with no education, who smokes weed and plays Xbox all day and has no plans to better his future. Does that answer your question?

    • Working at McDonalds isn't that easy. :o

    • It's not something one should aspire to and you should have more goals beyond McDonald's. I used to work there myself

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