Girls what can a guy do to turn you on? given the fact you find him attractive?

i am talking about body cues, like looking at your body quickly, sitting close to you, etc.
taking diligent notes here. lol


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  • 1. driving with one hand a few times (something about operating a machine without much effort =)).

    2. playing a sport.(WELL, he has to play it WELL)

    3. the way he sits, like if his legs are open, and he melts into the couch and looks super comfortable.

    4. he can ask me a question, and right when I'm about to answer, he leans in and stares into my eyes, like he ACTUALLY wants to hear my answer, lol. you don't know how many guys have asked me questions/flirted with me, but haven't come through, like I can tell they are not listening, they are watching my body, or they are just waiting for an opening to ask me for my number, or if they are my friends, waiting to talk about themselves (ugh. guys.)

    5. violates personal space. rudely. like I was holding a huge bowl, and using a spoon to mix cookie dough, and he came over, said, 'oh, is that the cookie dough?"...i said yes, then he stood RIGHT next to me, leaned over, all interested in the bowl, softly took the spoon from my hand and mixed the cookie dough. while the bowl was STILL in my hands. that was so hot, I fell for him, lol. he's my friend. lol. I've got an issue now, haha.


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  • if I'm attracted to him, just being in my presence turns me on :) haha

    -looking at my body quickly

    -sitting close to me



    -sighing/grunting/any soft audible noise (in class if he's frustrated with a test, if he's waking up from a nap, if he's sore from sitting in one position too long watching a movie, etc...just drives me insane haha)

    -playful wink/smile

    -long exhaled breath (easily disguised in a sigh)...his sweet breath is intoxicating! (don't judge me! haha)

  • Sitting close constantly hugging or touchin you in some way, staring in your eyes and rarely looking at anyone else, smiling a lot or laughing =)


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