Meeting a guy, which outfit to impress?

Pick and choose the outfit


purple, and lose fitting ( in a fashionable way) with half length loose sleeves and a brass colored belt with circles connecting it at the waist.

Hair: (long)



Bottoms: (thicker legs but more muscle lol)

-Light blue bramuta short

-light short

-tan shorts

-dark shorts


-black converse

-brown strappy flip flops

-black strappy flip flops

which hairstyle, bottoms and shoes? Its going to be summer so probably around 80. any accessories?

Thanks :)))
the light and dark shorts are demiem
lol OK, sorry that I got defensive with the whole attention thing, its just tht it kinda ticks me off when people say its only for attention. future questions ill try to word it better I guess lol


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  • Hard to say without knowing what you or any of the articles of clothing really look like, but I'd go with straight hair and dark shorts. If the shorts are a shade of brown or khaki then go with brown shoes. Otherwise, I'd stick with black.


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  • What does scrunched mean exactly? Are all of the shorts long? And converse for sure.

    • its hard to explain, its like curled but in a messy way, without using a curling iron, but gel and it makes it curly. no the shorts are short except the bramutas tht are above the knee abit

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    • lol OK thanks :)

    • Welcome. :)

  • why should we care, your not impressing us. stop looking for attention

    • look it, I'm not looking for attention, its a guy I like, I want to look good. so I want opions from guys on what they like. you don't need to commet if its not on the subject. o and next time you make a comment on somthing to be rude about, have the balls to not put it as anonymous k? thanks.

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    • well BeerMe, this question is in the style section, so I guess other people have had similar questions...i mean, it is asking about an outfit...which is style lol

    • qa, he's using sarcasm

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