Would you think something was wrong with me if while we were talking on skype ...

and having a great conversation and then out of the blue I ask what was the icon you sent me and you didn't even send me an I con but I really saw it and explained it to you on how it looks and everything and you said you didn't send it, and you said that you don't even see anything on your Skype. plus when I looked at the icons but that icon doesn't even exist. would you think something is wrong with me and that I was hallucinating? I have never been this way ever and I am completely normal. it was just that incident. would you stop talking to me?


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  • Hell, I think there's something seriously wrong with you now! I'd imagine Skype would just make that worse. . .

    • well thank you I appreciate you making me feel like crap! :(

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    • thank you for your help!

      I really appreciate it :)

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